Ball State Launches New Excellence in Leadership Program to Teach Leadership Opportunities


Whether you are entering college, filling out job applications, or working for a company that requires hands-on teamwork and quick thinking, leadership is an asset that turns out to be. useful. Students make their way to grades and a diploma, while those looking for work make their own way to finding a new place to go each morning.

Leadership is valuable, and the Excellence in Leadership program serves to underscore its value.

The Excellence in Leadership program aims to give Ball State students the opportunity to develop their leadership skills and provide them with the opportunity to gain work experience through campus and community engagement.

“This program aims to provide leadership or leadership development workshops to all students on campus, regardless of their leadership style, skill level and background,” said Bridget Webster, Assistant Director of Student Life. .

Webster hosts the program alongside Jenna Spini, a graduate student in the Office of Student Life. The program consists of three different series of workshops – individual leadership, group leadership and community leadership – with three workshops per series. Students who complete a series can still attend other workshops in current or upcoming semesters.

Join the Excellence in Leadership program

The Excellence in Leadership program meets every Wednesday from 4 p.m. to 5 p.m. in room 301 of the LA Pittenger Student Center. Throughout the semester, the program will host three workshops for three different facets of leadership – individual, group and community leadership.

Students are welcome to attend all workshops, and those who attend seven of the nine workshops in total per semester are eligible to apply for a leadership scholarship.

The last workshop of the fall semester 2021 will take place on December 8 for community leadership.

Source: Student Life Office web page

Chandlar Williams, a sophomore student in English, said the program’s activities were fun and engaging, yet stimulating enough. Every activity she puts her energy into improves her leadership skills, Williams said.

“I love that [the activities and discussions] pushing you out of your everyday comfort zone, ”she said. “The things we are talking about can make us uncomfortable at times, but it makes us a better leader because we are able to work together and communicate effectively. ”

Williams said she also enjoys storylines and discussions that allow her and others to practice problem-solving and creative solutions. Leaders of two scenarios are often found both as students and in the workplace.

“Sometimes we’ll have activities where it’s almost like a puzzle, and we have to communicate with each other,” Williams said. “We must find solutions or ideas to correct [theoretical] problems. It’s a lot of communication and teamwork.

Williams and other Excellence in Leadership attendees recently worked on a situation where they needed to find an ethical prize for an imaginary carnival, Williams said.

“We split into small groups and found different ways to be more sustainable and ethical,” she said.

The Excellence in Leadership program is also associated with the 18-credit Leadership Studies Minor, which Webster says can be added to any major. Many students involved in the Excellence in Leadership program have a minor in Leadership Studies, including Williams.

“There are a multitude of different courses that I will take [with the leadership studies minor]”Williams said.” There’s a lot of higher education, different electives and communication. There’s even military leadership and philosophy, and it’s a really easy minor to adapt. [into your academic schedule]. “

Webster said students who complete the nine workshops of the program can apply to become a Leadership Ambassador, a selective role within the program that provides opportunities for professional development through mentorship, workshops and community engagement. in Muncie and Indianapolis.

“We are really excited to strengthen the Leadership Ambassador program,” she said. “Right now, we have a partnership with the Entrepreneurial Leadership Institute, which is hosted by the Miller College of Business. “

Webster said she encourages all students to contact her if they are interested in the Excellence in Leadership program.

“We really like to emphasize that every student on campus has the abilities and skills to define themselves as a leader,” said Webster.

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