Biden misses another chance to exercise real presidential leadership

President Biden’s last-minute speech at Union Station in Washington, DC last night was an act of desperation. It was also a missed opportunity at a time when our country needed the President to tell all Americans about multiple and serious global threats.

The president knows that he and his radical left colleagues in Congress are extremely unpopular with the American people.

This unpopularity is due to high inflation, rising gas prices, soaring crime rates and the huge number of illegal migrants crossing our southern border.

Biden knows that most Americans (correctly) blame his policies for these problems.

So the president tried to change the subject with another speech, and in doing so he made outlandish claims that supporters of America First leadership are bad for democracy.

He basically blamed them for the brutal attack on Paul Pelosi, husband of Rep. Speaker of the United States House Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif.

Instead of giving another divisive speech, Biden could have instead helped himself and our nation using the bully pulpit to respond to several pressing threats to global security.

This speech should have addressed these four global threats:

  • North Korea fired 23 missiles this week. He tried to test launch an ICBM today. That’s over 70 missiles for the year a new record. A missile landed near South Korean territory. South Korea responded by firing its own missiles. The launch of the ICBM triggered shelter warnings in two Japanese provinces. North Korea is reportedly preparing for a 7th underground nuclear test, possibly this weekend. What is the Biden administration’s North Korean policy?
  • There are new concerns that Russia could use tactical nuclear weapons in Ukraine. According to The New York Times, senior Russian military officials recently discussed how and when Russia might use these weapons. Russia continues to destroy Ukraine with missiles. Does the Biden administration have a strategy to end this conflict?
  • Iran has begun a brutal crackdown on women-led protests over the killing of Mahsa Amini. Iran sells drones to Russia; Russia advises Iran on how to suppress protests. What is the Biden administration’s Iranian strategy? Will he stop his efforts to strike a new, more dangerous nuclear deal with Iran?
  • Chinese President Xi Jinping was given a new five-year term and essentially absolute power. He has put in place officials and policies to promote a more authoritarian China and plans to implement a China-dominated world order, by force if necessary. How will the United States react to these developments? Does President Biden think China is a competitor or an adversary?

The vast majority of Americans are most concerned about inflation and gas prices. They rightly blame the Biden administration and the radical left.

Mr. Biden cannot change this reality anytime soon.

President Biden’s speech at Union Station demonizing Americans who disagree with his radical progressive policies hasn’t changed his mind or improved his polls.

President Biden should have used this speech to rise above domestic politics and prove to America that he is a competent leader of the free world. He should have spoken to everything Americans by discussing the above serious global threats and how his administration will deal with them.

It was a time for political art.

It was a defining moment of presidential leadership.

Unfortunately, Joe missed it again. Are we surprised?

Fred Fleitz is a Newsmax TV contributor and Vice President of youe America First Policy Institute Center for American Security. He previously served as National Security Council chief of staff, CIA analyst and staffer at the House Intelligence Committee. Read more reports from Fred Fleitz — Click here now.

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