Collingwood fans praise outgoing president’s legacy

Joffa said McGuire “the person”, rather than the club president, was ultimately “misunderstood” by the public.

“If you had Eddie as a mate, you would have a mate who would support you and be with you. A lot of people are wrong about him – I love the dude.”

Luke Humphries is also a staunch defender of the club’s outgoing president. Born in 1998 – the year McGuire joined Collingwood – he runs the Pies Nation podcast and has said McGuire is responsible for the team’s current success.

Collingwood fan Luke Humphries is a big supporter of incumbent President Eddie McGuire.

“Everything he did was for the betterment of Collingwood Football Club and I will always be grateful for what he did with this club today,” he said.

“I was born the year Eddie started his presidency at Collingwood, so to me he’s Collingwood. Always has been and always will be.

“I wish him all the best for what is to come and I hope we can send him with another post of prime minister.”

Ned Alderson, 17, of Oakleigh, said he was disappointed when he learned McGuire was retiring after 23 years in the top post. Mr Alderson’s great-uncle Ken Smale carried Guernsey from Collingwood between 1955 and 1958 and led the club’s goal tally in 1955 and 1956.

“He was one of the most passionate presidents, he really loved his football club and would do anything for him,” he said.

Longtime supporter Sarah Smith agreed, “No one can deny her unwavering loyalty.”

“I think it shows great strength to plan and announce his retirement a year in advance… He’s not perfect and neither are we as fans or players, but the support of Eddie is still unmistakable, 100% Magpie through thick and thin, ”she said.

Nicole Moffat said they needed a whole year to plan Collingwood without McGuire because there were “big shoes to fill.”

Another fan, Daniel Slattery, said that while McGuire’s reign had been “sensational,” it was finally time for him to pass the torch.

Collingwood fan Daniel Slattery with his sons Callum, 11, and Mitchell, eight.

Collingwood fan Daniel Slattery with his sons Callum, 11, and Mitchell, eight.

He had hoped that after the big final loss of 2018, McGuire would step down so that there would be a “new pair of eyes to look at the place.”

“Collingwood was a hopeless case when he took office. He brought enthusiasm and a keen sense of purpose to an outdated board of directors,” Mr. Slattery said.

“In recent years the board and even the coaching staff seem to have become a boys’ club. (Coach Nathan) Buckley and Ed are tied and the bottom line is we haven’t won a flag under this direction for 10 years.

“Overall he will be considered a great off-field … although he has slightly tarnished his excellent work over the past 24 months.”

Kristen Haythorne agreed, “(I appreciate) that Eddie planned his resignation, giving time to find a suitable replacement instead of leaving us out. After 23 years though, it’s probably time for a pair of eyes. new. “

The notoriously one-eyed group of Pies fans to whom to turn Age singled out many of McGuire’s master strokes as their favorite of his tenure: the poaching of West Coast Eagles coach Mick Malthouse, the move from Victoria Park to the MCG and Holden Center, as well as Collingwood’s dropping of earnings game-based.

“Joffa” Corfe said he truly believes there will be a statue of McGuire cast in gold, towering outside the MCG for his large contribution to the AFL.

“Eddie will be a part of Collingwood history forever,” he said. “He saved the club.

Kevin E. Boling

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