Cuban Foreign Minister participates in transfer of presidential leadership to Chile

Havana: The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Cuba, Bruno Rodriguez Parilla, arrived today in Chile to participate in the presidential handover ceremony, during which Gabriel Borek Fonte will take office.

In the social network Twitter The Cuban Minister of Foreign Affairs affirmed his joy in promoting the development of the historic relations that unite our nation.

Arrival in Chile for presidential leadership transition ceremonies as President-elect Gabriel Borek Fonte takes office.

We are happy to promote the development of the historical ties that unite our nation, ”wrote the head of diplomacy of the Antilles.

According to the Cuban Foreign Ministry, Rodriguez Barilla will lead the delegation that will represent the island at the event, scheduled for March 11.

Gabriel Borek, 35, was elected president of Chile last December, obtaining the most votes in the country’s history (4.6 million).

Borek, a representative of the left-wing Approval of Dignity coalition, won 55.86% of the vote, overtaking far-right rival Jose Antonio Caste of the Christian Social Front by 11.6 points.

According to the agency latin pressthe election was historic in breaking all turnouts since the implementation of voluntary voting in 2012: 8.3 million Chileans went to the polls in the second round, with 55% attendance.

On this occasion, Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel Bermúdez hailed the election result, calling it a historic popular victory.

Kevin E. Boling