DuPont Water Solutions Expands Free E-Learning and Thought Leadership Program Used by More Than 30,000 Water Industry Professionals

“Over 30,000 people already benefit from our gurus-led sessions and our growing library of over 100 hours of on-demand content provides flexible learning opportunities for professionals working in a wide range of industries.” said Alan Chan, DuPont Water Solutions

DuPont Water Solutions, the global leader in water technology, has revitalized its comprehensive program of webinars and specialized courses for water professionals, enhancing its library of over 100 hours of learning and leadership content enlightened. Live and on-demand materials are designed for people working in a wide range of industries that use water technologies, including life sciences, food and beverage, chemical processing, and water technology. municipal water supply and sewage treatment.

From beginner’s tutorials to strategic discussions on solving global problems, the program is designed to help professionals at every stage of their career. Each of the free educational webinars and specialized courses is delivered by a team of industry-leading subject matter experts with decades of experience overcoming the toughest water challenges. Sessions are tailored to specific roles and functions, ensuring engineers and operators, private and public sector utility and plant managers, and application research and development scientists and engineers, can develop their skills and understanding of water treatment technologies and how they can be used within the industry to build effective and sustainable solutions.

More than 30,000 water professionals worldwide currently use DuPont’s specialized e-learning programs that provide Certified Professional Development Hours (PDH credits). Content includes a series of in-depth technology dives led by water industry gurus discussing the fundamentals of key water treatment system components, including reverse osmosis and nanofiltration membranes, ion exchange resins and adsorbents, ultrafiltration membranes and closed loop reverse osmosis (CCRO) systems.

“Global water scarcity is challenging industry water professionals, including technology innovators, OEMs and those delivering projects in the field,” said Juan Carlos Pacheco Vera, Chief Development Officer commercial, Industrias Islas. “Industrias Islas has worked with DuPont for over 35 years, collaborating on many successful projects, growing the market for advanced membrane technology in Mexico and helping organizations overcome complex water challenges. Water Academy sessions, online webinars and the DuPont Water Solutions Blue Talk series of debates ensure that our team is always up to date with the latest technologies and how they can be used effectively and efficiently in a range of different applications.

“Water professionals around the world are striving to create a water-optimized world, and alongside delivering breakthrough technologies, DuPont Water Solutions is committed to continuing to equip them with the knowledge and skills to overcoming some of the toughest emerging water challenges,” said Alan Chan, vice president and general manager, DuPont Water Solutions. “Over 30,000 people already benefit from our gurus-led sessions and our growing library of over 100 hours of on-demand content provides flexible learning opportunities for professionals working in a wide range of industries.”

In addition to providing opportunities for continuous professional development, DuPont brings together the greatest minds from around the world to discuss the latest trends in the water industry and the challenges facing communities in a water-stressed world. . The Blue Talk series explores the steps needed to protect precious natural water resources and increase access to clean, healthy water for the 7.8 billion people who live on planet Earth.

“Blue Talk provides a forum for water influencers to tackle the big questions about how we can tackle water scarcity in an increasingly water-stressed world,” Chan said. . “By bringing together industry figures, we demonstrate how collaborative action is the key to unlocking the full potential of the latest water technologies, ensuring that communities around the world have access to this vital natural resource. ”

The webinars and courses offered by DuPont Water Solutions are organized into three separate libraries:

  • Water Academy – Home to thousands of hours of content covering everything from an introduction to wastewater treatment and reuse technologies to an advanced guide to designing high-efficiency closed loop reverse osmosis (CCRO) solutions using the DuPont WAVE platform. Participants in DuPont Water Academy sessions deepen their knowledge of key water treatment technologies and learn how they can be applied across a range of industries to address a wide range of water treatment challenges.
  • Academy of Life Sciences – Water technologies play a vital role in the life sciences, achieving specialized water treatment and separation process applications in the bioprocessing, pharmaceutical, food and beverages. Academy of Life Sciences attendees learn how reverse osmosis (RO) membranes and specially designed ion exchange (IX) resins from DuPont Water Solutions can be used for specialized applications, including water dairy products, oligonucleotide purification and medical water production.
  • Blue Talk – A catalyst for hopeful discussions and a driver of innovation, Blue Talk is a series of insightful conversations with businesses, NGOs and activists. By diving into the big issues facing the water industry, Blue Talk identifies how innovation and collective action can secure a clean water future. Previous sessions include:

o A conversation with Kimberley-Clark’s Global Water Program Manager about how global sustainability challenges are solved through strong supplier relationships

o An exploration of the City Water Optimization Index in partnership with Economist Impact

o A deep dive into the root causes of water contamination in the United States with best-selling author Seth Siegel

o An assessment of how the Water Resilience Coalition can inspire collaborative action to improve water access, reliability and sustainability

Access over 100 hours of free learning and thought leadership content from DuPont Water Solutions:

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