‘F*** Him’: Former US President Trump hits out at Netanyahu in Israel

Donald Trump (left) and Benjamin Netanyahu. (Photo: via MEMO)

By Palestine Chronicle Staff

Former US President Donald Trump has strongly criticized former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, accusing him of disloyalty, Israeli media reported on Friday.

Israeli newspaper Yediot Ahronot published excerpts from two interviews Trump gave to journalist Barak Ravid in April and July, for a book on the Middle East.

“The first person who congratulated [Joe Biden] was Bibi [Benjamin] Netanyahu, the man for whom I have done more than anyone else I have ever dealt with… Bibi could have kept his mouth shut. He made a terrible mistake, f*** him,” Trump said.

Trump also commented on several concessions he made to Netanyahu during his tenure, including the United States’ recognition of the Golan Heights as part of Israel in March 2019.

“Take the Golan for example,” Trump said, “It was a big deal. People say it was a $10 billion giveaway. helped a lot (Netanyahu)… he would have lost the election without me. So he tied. He came back a lot after I did. He gained 10 or 15 points after I did Golan Heights.

Trump has taken several steps to support Israel, including recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and moving the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

The Trump administration has also said that the United States does not consider Israeli settlements illegal under international law.

(The Chronicle of Palestine)

Kevin E. Boling