Former US President Donald Trump considered winner of US Senate race

“They ran a campaign that put themselves in the right position to capitalize on Trump’s endorsement when it came, and so Trump’s endorsement had a big impact and probably put him over the top. “said Mr. DuHaime.

The primary race was one of the most expensive in the country, with candidates and the committees supporting them spending more than $72 million ($101 million) – mostly to tackle, according to media monitoring firm AdImpact.

The election came a day after a leaked draft opinion said the Supreme Court was set to overturn Roe v. Wade, an issue that could sway female voters in the suburbs and test whether Ohio s is a long way from being a swing state and is now solidly Republican. .

JD Vance wrote Hillbilly Elegy, which was made into a movie by Ron Howard and stars Haley Bennett, from left, Glenn Close and Owen Asztalos. PA

Mr. Vance, 37, now faces U.S. Representative Tim Ryan, who easily won the Democratic Senate primary on Tuesday and is leading a campaign focused on economic issues affecting working-class voters who left the party under Mr. Trump. The November general election is to replace incumbent Republican Senator Rob Portman.

Republicans are heavily favored to take control of the House, with the president’s party historically losing seats in the first term. The Senate, however, is currently deadlocked at 50-50, and the GOP’s chances of securing an upper house majority are murkier, in part due to questions about nationwide eligibility. Status of Candidates Backed by Mr. Trump.

Mr. Trump said on a Monday night “tele-town hall” call that he endorsed Mr. Vance because he was the best candidate to defeat Mr. Ryan.

Mr. Vance, best-selling memoir author Hillbilly Elegy on his impoverished, $13.5 million-backed childhood from billionaire Peter Thiel, described the race as a GOP “battle for the soul” between establishment Republicans and populists like Mr. Trump and himself. same.

He’s even taken an ‘America First’ stance that he cares more about illegal immigration and drug trafficking on the U.S. southern border than Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. .

Mr Trump’s endorsement came late, after early voting began. But it helped Mr. Vance peak at the right time and gave him momentum that made him feel his victory was inevitable, said Mark Weaver, a seasoned Republican strategist from Ohio.

“Some voters were keeping their powder dry for something to happen,” Mr. Weaver said. “Trump’s endorsement was a big something.”

Mr. Trump chose Mr. Vance after watching an entire debate and deciding he was the best and did well on TV, according to a person familiar with his thinking.

His other top endorsed candidate in Ohio, former White House aide Max Miller, won the GOP congressional primary in the 7th District against three other candidates. Six other candidates Mr. Trump endorsed in Ohio who did not run unopposed also won their primary races, according to the AP.


Kevin E. Boling