GILC’s flagship youth leadership program to begin at United International University

The Global Innovation & Leadership Center (GILC) will organize the International Leadership in Education Program (ILPE) Central Dhaka event on October 29, 2022 at the United International University (UIU).

The International Leadership Program for Education (ILPE) is a national event that invites students from primary, secondary and upper secondary levels and provides them with a competitive platform to showcase their English language proficiency and leadership skills.
GILC recognizes the importance of combining language proficiency and leadership, and ILPE is a pioneer in recognizing the importance of such a combination.

GILC believes that ILPE will bring out the best in young leaders across Bangladesh through its three assessments, which include quizzes, community engagement activities and leadership development functions.

The program admits various skills such as presentation, public speaking, critical thinking, problem solving, crisis management, conviction and persuasion, as well as general knowledge under the leadership competency wider. These skill sets are essential for an individual to become a global citizen. The ILPE tests these students’ skills as well as their English skills.

The preliminary round of ILPE will be held in all 8 divisions of Bangladesh. ILPE winners will represent Bangladesh at the International Olympiad on English Language and Leadership (IOELL) in Hanoi, Vietnam in July 2023.

The program is supported by the International GEIST Foundation and the GEIST Center. GILC and GEIST Center are two sister companies of the International GEIST Foundation. GEIST International Foundation is a non-profit organization run by the US state alumni community.
GILC is the youth leadership wing of the GEIST International Foundation. The organization has young leaders as pioneers who try to organize programs like ILPE to help young people show their potential on global platforms.

Kevin E. Boling