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CONTRIBUTED PHOTO Abe Dieleman, a 2022 GMG High School graduate and Toledo native, begins his journey through the President’s Leadership Program during his freshman year at Iowa State University.

AMES – A 2022 GMG High School graduate and Toledo native, Abe Dieleman was honored to join the 2022-2023 President’s Leadership Program during his freshman year at Iowa State University.

Dieleman took on many leadership roles during his high school career.

“I have been involved in scouts, basketball, cross country, fall play, choir, orchestra, student council and FFA. Pretty much everything. I worked as a legislative page my freshman year and as a clerk my senior year in Des Moines,” he said. “It makes me feel like all the involvement I had in high school really paid off. I certainly couldn’t have done all of this without the help of teachers, community, family and friends.

Each fall, 30 students are selected for the President’s Leadership Program, which helps students develop their leadership abilities and experiences while serving as an essential training ground for students who will become leaders on campus and further afield. professional and community leadership roles.

Dieleman, along with 29 other freshmen, meet weekly at The Knoll to discuss leadership topics with President Wendy Wintersteen, Mr. Robert Waggoner and other key leaders.

“It’s a great experience to be in a class that helps us expand our network. We talked about a lot of things like personality. They helped us prepare for the Iowa State job fair,” he said. “We had an etiquette dinner. It was a bit awkward as we learned to use three different knives and forks. I’ll probably never use it again, but I guess now I know.

Dieleman isn’t sure what to expect, but he’s always happy to participate.

“I look forward to meeting other top freshman leaders and continuing to be a leader. I thought I’d be done with everything once I graduated from high school [and now] I already have that leadership position,” he said. “I am involved in the cabinet of my house as president of my floor. [The President’s Leadership Program] helps me stay busy with leadership [roles]. They help me continue to grow and become a better leader.

Dieleman received a lot of support from his childhood and early school years.

“My teachers have been trying to push me to be a leader since elementary school. The school has always been there to help me with anything. That’s the good thing about a small school. There’s more of a personal connection between the students and the teachers, and you feel they’re there for you, and they are,” he said. “[Also,] the community has always been there to support me, typical small town helpfulness. I just want to say thank you to my family, my school and my community.

Dieleman has worked hard to become a better leader for his community, and during that time he’s accumulated a little advice to give to his underclassmen at GMG.

“Stay involved, respect others, build your network and don’t do what you don’t want to do,” he said.

While still in his first year of college, Dieleman expects to graduate with a degree in agronomy in 2026.

“It’s the science of crops and soils. That’s how I explain it. I hope to have a few different internships. I’m thinking of one in Oregon next summer,” he said. “[But] I think what I’ll end up doing is coming home to run our row crop operation with my dad.

Like many leaders, Dieleman created his own personal mission statement: “To live a life full of faith, honesty, commitment and respect. Always expanding my knowledge in every way possible and constantly looking for ways to become a better person.

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