Haitian education and leadership program celebrates 25th anniversary


Education Nonprofit celebrates 25 years of student success

I found this great opportunity to apply to HELP. It’s like I’m going to die of thirst and all of a sudden I find a tall glass of ice water.

– Dieubon Alfred (agro-economy ’24)

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, December 21, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ – Throughout 2021, the Haitian Education and Leadership Program (HELP) celebrated 25 years of improving access to higher education in Haiti. To commemorate the occasion, HELP has organized a series of engaging events to share HELP’s achievements in academic achievement, poverty reduction and leadership development over the past 25 years.

In 1996, recognizing that with a university enrollment rate of 1%, most talented Haitian students had no opportunity for advancement, the HELP scholarship program was created. Thanks to HELP, more than 350 students have attended university and received a dynamic support program to foster success and personal growth. Each HELP scholarship includes full tuition and books, plus accommodation in HELP dormitories, plus additional coursework (English, IT, citizenship and leadership) and support (counseling, guidance, career services ). This package, developed over the years to meet demand, fills the gaps in local universities and gives students the tools they need to be personally successful and create opportunities for others.

“I found this great opportunity to apply to HELP. It’s as if I were going to die of thirst and all of a sudden, I found a large glass of ice water ”, Dieubon Alfred (agro-economics ’24).

“Before HELP, I always dreamed of being an important person in my community but I had no way of doing it; it seemed impossible to me to become the “agricultural economist” that I am today. Thanks to HELP I had this chance to take a big step forward, it is a source of pride for me and my family; I am now the hope of my family. Through this experience, I acquired a degree, professional skills, social relations and the ability to help others. I hope I can help farmers make better use of land resources and increase natural production, which will also help the rural economy and tackle food insecurity. Weesler Pierre-Louis (agronomy ’21) on the occasion of his graduation.

As HELP and its alumni network grow, we see tangible evidence of success. HELP graduates break the cycle of poverty, reverse brain drain and contribute to community development. HELP student services projects alone have over 2,000 beneficiaries and to date there are over 30 businesses and organizations created by HELP alumni. Collectively, these initiatives employ over 80 people, mobilize a budget of $ 300,000 to $ 350,000 / year, and serve tens of thousands of users, beneficiaries and members.

HELP’s 25th anniversary commemoration culminated this month with the publication of the 25th anniversary report. The report details the growth of the program throughout its 25-year history and highlights the many accomplishments of HELP students and alumni. It offers readers a glimpse of the fantastic accomplishments that are possible when young Haitian academics are given the tools they need to be successful, and is a testament to the impact of HELP’s many supporters and its dedicated staff. The report is publicly available for viewing and downloading online and will be available for printing (in English) shortly.

About the Haitian Education and Leadership Program: HELP is a non-profit organization based in Port-au-Prince and New York. Founded in 1996, HELP has provided more than 350 students with merit and need-based scholarships and study funds, as well as leadership training, and has just accepted a new cohort of 50 students. freshman in fall 2021. Over the past eight years, HELP has produced seven Fulbright Fellows.

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