If I were the US president, I would threaten to drop a nuke on Russia: Trump

Former U.S. President Doald Trump said in an interview with Fox Business’ Stuart Varney on March 21 that if he were president right now, he would threaten Vladimir Putin with nuclear war.

“I listened to him constantly use the N-word. It’s the N-word, and he uses it constantly: the nuclear word,” Trump said.

“We say, ‘Oh, it’s a nuclear power.’ But we are a greater nuclear power. We have the greatest submarines in the world, the most powerful machines ever built… You should say, “Listen, if you say that word one more time, we will send and we will go back and forth along your coast. You cannot let this tragedy continue. You can’t let these thousands of people die,” he added.

The US reaction was dictated by Russia’s position as a nuclear power, in particular Biden’s reluctance to adopt measures, such as a NATO-imposed no-fly zone over of Ukraine, which could lead to a direct physical confrontation with Russia.

Trump was defeated in the 2020 presidential election by Joe Biden, who now faces the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

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Kevin E. Boling