jackie walorski: Where’s Jackie? ‘: US President Joe Biden blunders again and searches for Indiana’s deceased Rep. Jackie Walorski

Forgetting the death of Jackie Walorski during the White House conference on Wednesday, US President Joe Biden kept looking for her in the crowd. He called out her name while giving a speech on stage.

Jackie Walorski was among four lawmakers who sponsored legislation supporting this conference. She and her two employees died in early August in a terrible car accident.

The president tried to call her from the stage with the other lawmakers.

He said during his speech, “I want to thank everyone here, including the non-biased elected officials like…Senator Booker, Senator Braun, Rep. McGovern and Rep. Jackie, Jackie are you here? Where is Jackie?” he added again.
“I thought she would be there to help.”

A tribute to Jackie was to be made at the event, but it was not presented with the White House pool or Biden in attendance.

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On August 3, a car accident killed Jackie Walorski, 58, and his aides, District Manager Zachary Potts, 27, and Communications Director Emma Thomson, 28.

It was initially suspected that the other car had entered their lane and crashed with Walorski’s car, which Potts was driving. But upon further investigation, it was found that Walorski’s car had gone into the wrong lane.


  1. Who was Jackie Walorski?
    She was a representative and legislator from Indiana, who lobbied for the White House conference on nutrition, hunger and health.
  2. Where did Biden look for Jackie?
    Biden sought out Jackie while addressing representatives at a nutrition conference in Washington.

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