Jason Whitlock tackles the legacy of a former president (video)

Former President Barack Obama speaks at a grassroots event at McArthur High School in Hollywood, Florida. (Photo credit: [email protected])

Jason Whitlock is known for not being silent on many topics, and he didn’t hold back in a recent video about former US President Barack Obama.

On a recent episode of “Fearless” with Jason Whitlock on March 22, the on-air personality offered these thoughts on what Obama’s presidency was really like when he was in office.

“Just like [President] Lincoln’s legacy is that he freed the slaves, [President] Obama’s legacy is that he freed gay people, that’s just a fact,” Whitlock said. “I seem to have this great animosity towards the LGBT community, I’m sorry I don’t. I don’t have a lot of animosity towards them, I just don’t.

Whitlock continued to compare his life to the LGBTQ community.

“I happen to think some of their life choices reflect some of my own sinful life choices,” Whitlock says. “I don’t think their lifestyle choices are healthy, nor is my sexual promiscuity. I don’t think that’s healthy. So all I’m saying is Barack Obama’s real agenda, the real legacy, was about LGBTQ and so those of you who thought you bought the BET package, didn’t get Black Entertainment Television; what you have is where we are today. His legacy lives on. »

Whitlock also states that nothing during Obama’s presidency benefited black people. Where are you with Whitlock on Obama?

Kevin E. Boling