Joe Biden Convicted of Marijuana: US President Joe Biden pardons thousands of marijuana convicts. Will he increase his voters’ approval in 2022?

Americans are grateful to US President Joe Biden for deciding that marijuana crimes were ridiculous and for paving the way for thousands of convicts to be released from prison, pardoned and released. The decision to legalize marijuana was made at the time of former US President Barack Obama and ratified by his successor Donald Trump.

This law has been very well received by Democratic voters, mainly because it is a campaign promise that is being kept by Biden. The next step of freeing those incarcerated on marijuana-related charges was also launched when President Biden said that equating marijuana with a class 1 drug like heroin or brown sugar is stupid and must be removed. . His supporters hailed the decision, it is seen fit that such archaic laws should be restructured in places due to the medicinal properties of marijuana that have been studied and known.

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The law was implemented by most countries in 1971 after the United States classified marijuana as a Class 1 drug.

The new law would get black people to vote for Biden and the Democrats. The president was praised for keeping his word on bringing the non-white community into the American fold. This new law would go a long way in bridging the river of understanding between blacks and whites. Many black people languish in prisons for marijuana-related crimes like possession and use. This new law has been hailed as a historic step.


What law does marijuana fall under in India?

Answer: NDPS Act 1985.

Which country allowed the use of marijuana?

Answer: Holland.

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