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The news comes as the US president enters his second year in office, with mixed opinions about his performance. While many hoped Mr Biden would unite America after Donald Trump’s tumultuous tenure as president, he was criticized after his first year.

Political commentator, Nile Gardiner, claimed: “Once hailed as the man who would ‘restore America’s standing in the world, Biden is overseeing the staggering decline of the global superpower.’

He added: “A year after taking office, he is restless at home and abroad and could well become a lame duck halfway through his presidency.”

The real test for the president will come in the midterm elections.

Currently, the president finds himself at the lowest polling station of his term.

According to a new poll by Gallup, Biden’s approval is just 40% with 56% disapproval. That’s the lowest measure so far by Gallup and well below its polling average of 48.9% over the past year in the organization’s surveys.

As the test looms, Mr Gardiner, writing in The Telegraph, said: ‘If Republicans win the House of Representatives and the Senate in the midterm elections later this year, Biden will be virtually powerless on the stage. to pursue the implementation of its program. .

“He will be reduced to conducting American foreign policy, which is already proving to be a monumental disaster.”

Joe Biden polls: Republicans capitalize as Biden’s popularity plummets

According to Mr. Gardiner, several events have seriously tarnished Mr. Biden’s presidency.

He argued, “In the wake of the Afghan withdrawal debacle, America’s position has fallen to levels not seen since the end of the Vietnam War.

“Even Carter’s days seem benign compared to Biden’s thoughtless era.”
Also on the international front, Mr. Biden is seen as weak by so-called “enemies” of the United States.

He added: “As for America’s enemies, they see Biden as a soft person, whose tenure is a welcome opportunity to challenge American power and undermine the country’s strategic power.

“It’s no coincidence that, with the former senator from Delaware in the White House, Russian forces are massing on Ukraine’s border, China is openly threatening to invade Taiwan, and Iran is rapidly expanding its nuclear program.”

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Mr Gardiner went on to call Mr Biden’s domestic agenda ‘reckless’, saying: ‘Biden’s weakness abroad has been offset by a reckless domestic agenda that plays to the far left of the president’s own Democratic Party. .

“A huge expansion in government spending and a massive increase in federal debt helped fuel the biggest rise in inflation in 40 years.

“Americans have faced an overall price increase of 7% over the past year, with supply chain issues leading to the first major shortages in US supermarkets in decades.”

He added, “Amidst this turbulent economic environment, major cities across the country are experiencing soaring crime rates, a direct result of reckless Democrat-led ‘defunding the police’ initiatives and dangerous Liberal condemnation policies.

“Looting has become so common in San Francisco and Los Angeles that it barely makes national news reports.”

Concluding his analysis, Mr. Gardiner said: “Joe Biden’s first year in office was a disaster.

“With good reason, his polls are plummeting and the American people are increasingly turning against the most left-leaning presidency in US history.

Kevin E. Boling