Joe Biden: US President Joe Biden to announce executive actions for climate change

US President Joe Biden is set to announce a series of executive actions to tackle climate change, in a bid to advance an environmental agenda stalled by an unsupportive Congress and a conservative Supreme Court.

Biden – who will deliver his speech Wednesday from a former coal-fired power plant in Massachusetts – will make it clear that time is running out to tackle global warming, highlighted by a devastating heat wave in Europe that has sparked fires, melted tracks and caused misery to millions of people. . But he will stop short of declaring a formal emergency, which would grant him additional political powers.

“The president…will make it clear that just because Congress couldn’t do it doesn’t mean he’s going to move forward with all the powers he has to effect change and move on to clean energy,” the White House said on climate. Councilwoman Gina McCarthy told CNN.

“The president will repeat very clearly that this is an emergency and that we are going to act. But the president will explain this at his own pace.”

For now, he is expected to use executive orders to provide additional funding for communities facing extreme heat and actions to boost U.S. wind power production.

The efforts are part of the administration’s goals to steer “the U.S. electricity industry away from the pollution, environmental injustice and volatile price swings of the past,” a White House official said, and “towards well-paying jobs, reduced costs, and the energy security of the future.”

Kevin E. Boling