Jokowi Volunteers Group Pledges to Protect President’s Legacy – Politics

News Office (The Jakarta Post)

Jakarta ●
Mon 12 September 2022

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President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo held a meeting Monday with his volunteer groups at the presidential office during which he called on all his supporters to support political candidates who would promote policies that would protect his legacy.

Speaking after the meeting, Chairman of the Jokowi National Secretariat Volunteer Group (Seknas Jokowi), Rambun Tjajo, said the President called on his supporters to continue supporting his policies until the end of his term in office. 2024, then to vote for a candidate. which would advance its current agenda.

“It’s not about one person, it’s about the program. We shouldn’t change the program once we have a new person at the top,” Rambun told reporters after the meeting.

Rambun added that there had been no discussion of an extension of Jokowi’s term once he completed his second – and constitutionally final – five-year term in 2024.

The group of volunteers proposed to Jokowi that his successor be a political candidate who supports pluralism and respects the five principles of the country of Pancasila, noted Rambun.

Earlier this year, Seknas Jokowi began drafting a campaign platform for the eventual choice of incumbent by the candidate to run to succeed him in the 2024 general election, lining up suggestions for priority legislation to pursue if the presidential hopeful was elected.

Seknas Jokowi, who has supported the president since 2014, said he is also drawing up programs to be included in the state’s Long Term National Development Plan (RPJPN) 2025-2045, with the main aim of proposing it to prospective candidates from Jokowi.

The president has told his support groups to wait for his signal to back a candidate of his choice in the next election, leaving open a small trail of speculation that he may indeed have ambitions for a currently unconstitutional third term.

Kevin E. Boling