Launch of the highly anticipated STRIPES leadership program for the equipment finance industry


STRIPES Leadership Program, the professional and personal leadership development program designed to challenge and inspire top leaders in the equipment finance industry in partnership with To watch, launched the first cohort on September 28.

The first STRIPES Leadership cohort includes 23 of the best and brightest in the equipment finance industry. After a full onboarding process with the STRIPES Leadership Program team over the past few weeks, STRIPES participants launched their leadership development journey last week with the intensive three-day program hosted with the educational partner of STRIPES, Gap International.

The Intensive Three-Day Breakthrough Program is a transformative program to drive real change with leaders and teams. The program inculcates the practices of revolutionary thinking, dispelling existing frameworks of thought from the past and removing obstacles to the production of unprecedented results. Each STRIPES participant completes the three-day program by creating a revolutionary project as part of their responsibility within their respective organizations.

“I was truly blown away last week by the incredible commitment, passion and courage that STRIPES participants repeatedly demonstrated during the three-day Breakthrough Intensive! They emerged Thursday after three intense days as revolutionary leaders with a whole new vision of what is possible for themselves, their teams and their businesses. It was remarkable and inspiring, ”said Lisa Rafter, CEO and Founder of the STRIPES Leadership Program.

The first cohort is just beginning their personal and professional journey of leadership transformation STRIPES. Attendees will soon delve into the master class discussions of the Equipment Finance Leaders Program, master classes and other invaluable components from industry leaders and top-notch leadership experts. STRIPES attendees will be moved and inspired, they will be confronted and challenged, and they will eventually gain ground and become the leaders and creators of the future of the equipment finance industry.

The STRIPES Leadership Program is a 10-month certificate granting program that provides immersive training from recognized industry leaders and leading leadership experts, including a partnership with the global consulting firm. Gap International management. STRIPES offers rich components that build sustainable competitive transformations both on a personal and professional level.

STRIPES program

  • 360 reviews
  • Revolutionary Leadership Self-Assessment (BLSA) in partnership with Gap International
  • Intensive three-day discovery program in partnership with Gap International
  • Three to five year living leadership development plan and expected results plan
  • Mentorship / mentee program
  • Master Talks with Recognized Industry Leaders
  • Masterclasses with recognized industry leaders and top-notch leadership experts
  • Innovative brainstorming sessions
  • Independent cohort working groups
  • Certification and minimum requirements


Inspiring change and transformation

  • Broaden your mindset and behavior to think critically about change and make changes in your organization
  • Prepare yourself as a leader who powerfully manages change and leads your business in the changing world of the equipment finance industry
  • Create and deliver a project that has a direct impact on your business
  • Build a plan that guides your story of change into the future

Foster bold thinking

  • Take a bold stance and define the future of your business
  • Develop a disruptive mindset that leads to continuous and continuous innovations for your business and the industry

Embrace open-hearted leadership

  • A leader who leads with an open heart and connects with others with authenticity, empathy and vulnerability
  • A leader available in mind, mind and heart
  • A leader who creates an environment where differences are understood, accepted and welcome

Create a community

  • Build strong connections with the industry through relationships built over 10 months of learning together, growing together and experiencing and sharing advancements
  • Collaborate as peers working together across organizations to improve your organizations and the equipment finance industry

Make a difference

  • Have an immediate impact on your area of ​​responsibility and your business with a disruptive project designed with the principles of the program
  • Make a lasting impact on your business and the entire industry with a broad view of what is possible for yourself, your responsibilities, others and your business


Kevin E. Boling

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