Letter: The Good, Bad and Ugly of US Presidential Leadership | News, Sports, Jobs

Actor John Wayne said he “always cherish the values ​​of freedom and freedom”. It’s so clear that the far left doesn’t think that way. Election day on November 8 is fast approaching. Your decision of a free or suppressed country hangs in the balance.

The Good: Under Pres. Trump, we were prosperous with a controlled border. Under him, we went from an inflation rate of 4.1% to 1.3%. Lower unemployment, lower food and fuel prices. Our economy was booming.

The Bad: With Biden (in 14 months), inflation at 8.6+%, a wide open border allowing deadly drugs to kill us, out of control school boards indoctrinating young minds instead of educating them for their future, no respect for law enforcement, and a shaky stock market.

The ugly: The Biden administration is “determined” to destroy our constitution, our freedoms and this great country. In short, Biden and company are giving America the two middle fingers. Thank you Mr. Biden.

Mr Biden proves every day that he is an incompetent ‘divider-in-chief’ instead of ‘commander-in-chief’. He is simply a “pawn” for an agenda to destroy America, our freedoms and our values.

I ask you to visit a 1965 story by Paul Harvey “If I Were the Devil”. I argue that this election is the most crucial of our time. I can only hope you love America to keep it from being destroyed by the left wing.

Russ Larsen



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Kevin E. Boling