Letter: We need presidential leadership


Donald Trump ran on the theme that only he could solve the nation’s problems. Now we have a big problem, COVID-19. We need our president to show leadership that unites everyone in our great country as we fight the virus. We don’t want our president to pit states against each other or against the federal government. We don’t need our president urging us to respect social distancing as outlined in his plan to reopen our economy, and then tweet “release MN” the same day.

This president appears to have no problem with protesters ignoring social distancing simply because they carry signs supporting his re-election.

Experts agree that testing is the key to reopening our economy. Governors on both sides agree that the shortage of tests is a major obstacle to the return of our economy. We need a chairman who is willing to take on this task in order to solve the testing problem. We don’t need a president who says, “Anyone who wants a test can get it” on March 6 and then on April 16 declares that it is up to states to resolve the test dilemma.

Above all, we want a courageous President who is willing to say, ‘The responsibility ends with me’, not ‘The blame is passed on to others, to China, to the World Health Organization. , Democratic governors, or anyone but me. ”

Al Lund

Alexandria, Minnesota


Kevin E. Boling

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