Logan Paul doubles his bid for US President in 2032 and has plans for Jake

Influencer-turned-boxer Logan Paul is running for president once he turns 35 – and has recently doubled down on his bid to become the leader of the free world.

Logan Paul has become one of the biggest names on the internet, with tens of millions of followers across multiple social media platforms, making his reach to the public immense.

The influencer first announced his intention to run for president in 2020 where he said on his IMPAULSIVE podcast that before he dies he will become President of the United States.

Speaking to The Wall Street Journal, Paul doubled down on his intentions, reiterating that he plans to run in two election cycles from now.

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Logan and Jake Paul could enter politics together.

Logan Paul wants Jake Paul to be Secretary of Defense

In response to a question about possibly running for president in 2032, The Maverick looked into the camera and made a pretty bold statement.

“I, Logan Paul, will be running for president in 2032,” he said with a smile.

Previously, Paul had indicated that he could potentially wait until he is a 50-year-old “with a lot of intelligence and wisdom”, before deciding to run as soon as he becomes eligible at 35.

(The segment starts at 23:34)

Additionally, Logan was asked about a position for his brother Jake Paul at his firm and wasted no time in firing back with an answer.

“Jake is Secretary of Defense,” he replied, indicating that he had big plans for his younger brother.

It’s unclear if Logan Paul plans to run as a Democrat, Republican, or even an independent, but with 2035 12 years away, it’s unclear what the political landscape will look like or who he’ll end up running against.

Kevin E. Boling