New book sheds light on the evolution of the IDB and honors the legacy of the first president

The Institute of Islamic Development Bank (IsDBI) has published a book that reviews the history and outstanding achievements of the IDB from a nascent idea to the retirement of its first President, Dr. Ahmad Mohammad Ali in 2016.

The new book is the English translation of the original book first published in Arabic in 2020. It discusses the various milestones and milestones that the IDB has gone through in the context of global and regional changes.

It also highlights the initiatives, approaches and ideas of the first President of the IDB on which he drew in his interaction with the realities of countries and communities whose aspirations for growth, progress and prosperity. are described in the essence of the Bank’s mission.

Book cover

The book includes success stories that illustrate valuable lessons as well as testimonials from personalities who have dealt with the Bank, believed in its mission, known Dr. Ahmad Ali well and liked him very much.

The book was written at the request of former IDB President, HE Dr. Bandar MH Hajjar, pursuant to a decision of the Board of Directors.

Written in a simple yet highly structured style, the book will be useful for a variety of readership groups, including researchers, development specialists, those interested in Islamic banking, and analysts of institutional and administrative practices and experiences.

The authors are two retired IDB senior managers, Mr. El Mansour Ben Feten and Dr. Marwan Seifeddine, who previously worked as advisors to the first president and as department directors. They have exerted the tireless effort and diligence required to produce a work of this nature ensuring thoroughness and accuracy under the supervision of HE Dr Ali and with the support and assistance of a team of IDB Group officials.

“We would like to thank the management of the IDB for entrusting us with such a commendable mission. Accordingly, we are committed to spare no effort to write a book which we hope will serve as a key reference work for IDB staff, member country stakeholders, development partners, academic institutions and civil society organizations,” the two authors said.

The book also contains an exclusive interview with Dr. Ali discussing specific development issues of the IDB in the early years and current developments undertaken by the Bank, in addition to the magnitude of the challenges and opportunities available in the foreseeable future. .

Commenting on the release of the new book, Dr. Sami Al-Suwailem, Acting Managing Director of the IDB Institute, said: “The book documents the historical evolution of the Bank and the impressive track record over the First 40 years of its activity under the guidance of HE Dr. Ahmad Mohammad Ali. It chronicles his incredible journey and hard work, and provides information that has never been published before. The book should be a reference for those who want to learn from the inspirational leadership of Dr Ahmad Ali.

Kevin E. Boling