New leadership program designed to help animal agriculture


Emerging leaders in agriculture have a new opportunity to gain advanced leadership and professional development training, specifically focused on animal agriculture.

It’s called Advanced Training for Animal Agriculture Leaders, a program created and sponsored by the United Soybean Board and the National Institute for Animal Agriculture. It is designed to allow professionals in their early or mid-career to build on their previous leadership development experiences and collaborate with their industry peers.

“The advanced training for animal agriculture leaders is a victory for program participants and a victory for the animal agriculture industry,” said JJ Jones, executive director of the NIAA. “Developed as a 2.0 leadership experience, the program will not only provide participants with world-class hands-on training, but also put their training into practice. “

Jones also says it’s a chance to make meaningful connections with each other and come up with real solutions to real challenges in animal farming. The 16-month program focuses on four areas of development: critical thinking, leadership development, connection and relationship skills, and operational excellence.


Kevin E. Boling