New Manufacturing Leadership Program in Elgin

ELGIN — Judson University and the Technology and Manufacturing Association have entered into an exclusive partnership to deliver a new manufacturing training program at the Judson campus in Elgin.

The goal of the Manufacturing Leadership Program is to support and grow the small and medium-sized manufacturing sector by equipping the next generation of industry leaders with the knowledge and skills to meet current and future manufacturing needs. high tech modern.

“Judson is excited about the new partnership with the Technology and Manufacturing Association to provide the kind of specialized leadership training that will support and grow industry in our communities,” said Dr. Gene Crume, President of Judson University.

In the United States, three-quarters of all manufacturing companies are small and medium-sized businesses, said Patrick Osborne, president of the Technology & Manufacturing Association.

“Employees and leaders in the field are enterprising, innovative, responsive and forward-looking. However, there is an unprecedented need to engage and prepare the next generation of manufacturing professionals who will lead and support the industry. , will grow our economy and strengthen our society,” Osborne said.

Program participants will have 10 monthly sessions that will result in 70 hours of study and lectures led by industry leaders. A dual accreditation certificate from TMA and Judson will be awarded upon completion of the program.

Kevin E. Boling