O’Neal’s Captain’s Council, a new element of the leadership program | Sports

The Sports Department at O’Neal School is proud to announce the inaugural year of the “Captain’s Council”. The Captain’s Council is the newest component of O’Neal School’s larger leadership program and seeks to develop responsible and respected captains in our sports teams.

“Our captains have some of the brightest and most emotionally intelligent young minds imaginable,” said O’Neal sporting director James Franklin. “Our captains council helps us form a triangle of success between our student-athletes, our captains and our coaches, and makes us an even stronger sports department.

Teamwork is at the heart of the mission of the school’s sports programs and captains play an essential role in the success of our programs. College team captains are expected to demonstrate leadership, sportsmanship and good citizenship to their teammates, competitors and the school community. The Captain’s Council exists to support the captains of college teams in their role in helping them become more effective leaders.

The continuous development of the ideal student-athlete profile are central themes of discussion. As players in our sports family and school and program ambassadors, varsity team captains are directly involved in the decision-making process necessary to continue building each program within the sports department.

The Fall Captains have started the year strong, and the O’Neal Sports Department looks forward to working with our Captains each season as they grow as leaders on and off the playing fields. .

Kevin E. Boling

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