Presidential Leadership Academy accepting applications for members


Founded with a principal donation from Edward R. and Helen S. Hintz in 2009, the Presidential Leadership Academy was established with the aim of developing critical thinking skills and educating students to understand problems at large by taking account for the complexity and variability of global issues, decisions and life circumstances.

“My biggest takeaway from the Presidential Leadership Academy has been the opportunity to network and collaborate with people from diverse backgrounds with such diverse interests and unique talents,” said Emily Waschenko, Senior Fellow of the APL. “Together, we have debated some of the most controversial issues, visited some of the richest and most historically progressive places, and even developed policy proposals focused on education with the goal of positively impacting generations. future. I will always be grateful for the experiences I have had within the PLA, experiences that have helped me become a smarter citizen, a better communicator and a stronger leader.

In addition to classes for the program, students attend leadership seminars, engage in community programs, and participate in fully funded field trips scheduled each academic semester to give students a broader perspective on the issues. social, political and environmental. Penn State President Eric Barron teaches a weekly seminar during the three-year program with additional specialty courses led by Schreyer Honors College Dean Christian Brady and Doberstein. The last year ends with a synthesis experience and the creation of an e-portfolio.

The APL fosters an environment that promotes and develops core values ​​for potential leaders, including civility, philanthropy, respect for diversity, and student engagement. Within this university community of students, faculty, and administrators, multiple dimensions of issues are explored, diverse perspectives are encouraged and heard, and fully informed and respectful discourse ensues that leads to wise action. .


Kevin E. Boling