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PHOTO PROVIDED Pennsylvania College of Technology President Davie Jane Gilmour has made a large donation to the college that will benefit several student scholarship initiatives. She is pictured above with college students.

WILLIAMSPORT – Pennsylvania College of Technology President Davie Jane Gilmour has been heavily involved in the college’s Legacy campaign for Penn College’s fundraising effort. The donation will benefit several key student scholarship initiatives.

Gilmour, who recently announced plans to retire as president on June 30, 2022, is making a six-figure donation that will support the existing Tomorrow Makers scholarship, as well as two new endowments it is creating: the Gilmour Global Experiences Endowment and the Gilmour Student Competition Endowment Fund.

The President’s renewed support for the Tomorrow Makers Scholarship will add funds for the college to offer 10 additional scholarships to potential students over the next five years. The funds will be promoted by future college decision makers, helping them recruit the next generation of Penn College students.

The Gilmour Global Experiences Endowment will support students who explore their passions through Global Experiences at Penn College. The funds will be managed by the Financial Aid Office in partnership with Academic Affairs.

The Gilmour Student Competition Endowment is the first ever endowment fund to support students who test their courage in life skills competitions. This fund will offset student travel costs to participate in prestigious events such as Baja SAE, the National Association of Home Builders Student Competition, and the Associated Construction Schools Student Competition, among others.

When announcing his retirement on May 13, Gilmour revealed the launch of the Legacy campaign, which provides financial support to three distinct areas of the institution: scholarships, equipment and facilities, and academics and affinities.

“As a steadfast leader, it is no surprise that President Gilmour is one of the first to engage after the public launch of our Legacy campaign,” said Loni N. Kline, vice president of college relations. “His support is a testament to his desire to offer firsts of all kinds to our students, paving the way for future generations. “

“Providing students with opportunities for success has always been a priority for me as president of this institution” Gilmour said. “I hope these funds will change the lives of the students who receive them. The Tomorrow Makers Scholarship is already giving more students the opportunity to enroll in Penn College, and endowment funds allow students to explore new cultures and perspectives and to showcase skills and abilities problem-solving skills they’ve developed here by competing with their peers.

Gilmour served Penn College for 44 years, the last 23 as president. She guided the institution, a special mission affiliate of Penn State, through a period of robust growth and dynamic innovation while overseeing its development into a national leader in applied technology education.

She joined the college in 1977 as a teacher and curriculum developer in the dental hygiene program, subsequently occupying various administrative roles with increasing responsibilities – including vice president of academic affairs / provost, the highest academic official – before being appointed president on May 4, 1998.

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