Pythagoras Loans and Payday Loans, Offers for Personal Loans and Assignment of the Fifth

If you need a loan or a loan with Pitagora you can have the amount you need, up to 75 thousand euros, to renovate the house, buy a new car, furniture for the house and much more at advantageous and convenient conditions. In this article you will find the characteristics of the various products, including loans and assignment of the fifth, to choose the one that best suits your needs.

Pitagora financing offers

Pitagora financing offers

Pitagora offers its customers French amortization plans, repayment plans characterized by constant installments with decreasing interest amounts and increasing principal, one of the most common repayment plans offered by credit institutions. Pitagora offers tailor-made financing offers, an aspect much appreciated by consumers that allows them to access excellent financing conditions. For example, a 35-year-old public employee with 10 years of service, who requires a loan of 17,600 euros, has the possibility to request an amortization plan in 84 installments for an amount of 250 euros per month, fixed tan 5, 05% and taeg 5.27%.

Employee loans

Employee loans

The sale of the Fifth is a special form of loan reserved for employees of public, private and parastatal companies and pensioners who can apply for a single-sign loan and without having to indicate the purpose to the Pitagora credit institution, a huge advantage for those who need of liquidity for different personal needs. Specifically, the sale of the Fifth is a loan that can be requested for a maximum amount of 75 thousand euros and with a repayment procedure not exceeding 120 installments. The main features of the sale of the Fifth concern the amount of the installment that can not exceed 20% of the applicant’s salary or pension and the repayment method as the amount of the installment is directly debited in the payroll.

With regard to the rate and amount of the installment, the formula for the sale of the Fifth allows applicants to be able to count on a constant installment for the entire duration envisaged, a huge advantage for not meeting increases. Moreover, the sale of the Fifth is a credit formula that can be extinguished at any time, without any compensation, or it can be renewed with simple steps.

Loan with Delegation

In addition to the Cession of the Fifth Pythagoras is a credit institution specialized also in the provision of loans with Delegation, special loans that may be requested by both public sector employees and employees of private companies. Also the loan with Delegate is configured as a loan with direct debit on the payroll and with an installment of an amount not exceeding 1/5 of the salary.

Like the Cession of the Fifth, the loan with Delegation is a particular form of financing reserved for public and private employees. Also in this case the maximum monthly payment can not exceed 20% of the net salary and is debited directly in the paycheck. Furthermore, in the case of a loan of the proxy with the assignment of the Fifth, cumulative loans that can be requested upon verification of the applicant’s income capacity, the total amount of the two installments must not exceed 40% of the salary.

Assignment of the Fifth and loan with Delegation Pythagoras: here are the required requisites

Both the sale of the Fifth and the loan with Delegation are financing formulas that can be requested by public and private employees with a regular open-ended employment contract, residing in Italy, and aged between 18 and 57 years.

To be able to request the transfer of the Fifth or a loan with Delegation, you must present to the credit institution a complete documentation of valid identification document, tax code, last pay slip or last pension slip, for the transfer of the Fifth for pensioners, and last tax return. Pitagora offers a quick processing of the practice and the payment of the amount requested by bank transfer or check within a few days of the request, offering a quality service and low and convenient rates.