Rashad Al-Alimi, Chairman of the Presidential Leadership Council: To prevent abuse or persecution of the pro-legitimacy coalition led by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates

The Chairman of the Presidential Steering Committee, Common Brigadier Fayez Mansour, authorized the appointment of Saeed Qahtan to command the second naval district in Hadramout and his promotion to the rank of Grand Common.

This was identified during a meeting of the President of the Presidential Management Council with the President and members of the Speaker of the House of Representatives and the chairmen of the parliamentary committees.

According to the official Saba news company, at this time on Saturday Chairman of the Presidential Management Council, Dr. Rashad Mohammed al-Alimi, member of the Presidential Management Council Aidarus Al-Zubaidi, met with Sheikh Sultan, Chairman of the Parliament. . Al-Barakani, members of the Presidency of the Council and presidents of parliamentary committees.

The assembly mentioned the latest developments across the country and continued preparations for holding parliamentary periods in the momentary capital Aden.

At the meeting, the Chairman of the Presidential Management Council, the Speaker and members of the House of Representatives spoke about the indigenous developments and reforms that the Council has undertaken in the service and business sectors, as well as its monetary and surveillance dimensions.

The Chairman of the Presidential Management Council confirmed that the Council, in close cooperation with the Federal Government, continues to implement the transitional mandates contained in the decentralization announcement, regardless of the major challenges at various levels.

In this context, the President referred to the measures taken to strengthen the position of monitoring state constructions, to eradicate disproportions, to fight against corruption and to work for the normalization of security and reparation situations in the liberated provinces.

Among these measures, he mentioned the ongoing measures to restructure the Supreme Anti-Corruption Authority, in addition to the council’s directives to the federal government to reorganize the Supreme Committee for Public Procurement and the Supreme Authority for Public Procurement. and strengthen its position in various provinces. and to deal with rationalizing sources and increasing non-oil revenues.

He also discussed the options for judicial reform, in particular the reform of the Supreme Judicial Council and the Supreme Court, and the subsidiary judicial chambers, as well as the appointment of the first daughter within the judicial system, as a means of promoting broad public participation. strengthen the existence and status of the state and the regulatory state.

The President of the Presidential Management Council advised the joint efforts of the federal government and local authorities to take care of the relative stability of the national forex, the costs of important articles and companies and the supply options for the technology of the electric power, especially in the momentary capital Aden. Assets for grain imports as part of relentless efforts to alleviate the hardships of individuals within the country.

He confounded that strengthening the security and stability of the interim capital Aden and the liberated provinces will continue to be the highest priority, starting with the establishment of a security and protection committee, and the consolidation and the integration of the armed forces under the ministries of protection. and inside. To deal with the growing power in this regard, with the creation of a committee bringing together the intelligence companies involved in the fight against terrorism.

Kevin E. Boling