Resistance, Schumer and presidential leadership in times of pandemic

The 2016 presidential election results were troubling for President Donald Trump. He won in the Electoral College but lost the popular vote by nearly 2.9 million. This statistic is on the official record. At the time, he rejected this statistic, alleging electoral fraud.

In a tweet shortly after the election, he said he “won the popular vote if you deduct the millions of people who voted illegally.” Subsequent investigations failed to uncover the alleged illegality.

President Trump continues to believe he won the popular vote, and he and his surrogates continue to get that message across. Through constant repetition and negative characterizations, that is, “Crooked Hillary,” Trump voters have come to accept his views as fact.

Students of politics know what’s going on. This is called the “Big Lie technique”. When a statement is repeated aloud and frequently, people across the country come to believe it.

A compensating force is the Resistance. After the election, a loose alliance formed around resistance to Trump’s American vision – a vision heavily influenced by the anti-immigration views of Stephen Miller, Trump’s longtime adviser.

The move seems to confuse ardent Trump supporters who do not appreciate that many Americans see Trump’s election and its consequences through different lenses. During impeachment, for example, Trump supporters, unwilling to accept the evidence presented at face value, put forward the idea that impeachment was a sour electoral grape by Democrats who wanted to invalidate his election and deny him a second term.

Democrats certainly want to defeat Trump in 2020. That’s the reality of politics. The Resistance’s goal is similar to that of Senator Mitch McConnell and other Republicans who have made it clear that their mission is to deny President Barack Obama a second term.

Beginning with Trump’s inaugural address, which painted a grim picture of America, and his travel bans against Muslims, Democrats were pushed into action by the bans and the many issues of concern. national which subsequently emerged.

Khatya Chhor, for Paris-based French international news television channel France 24, wrote about the Resistance in these terms: from activists to longtime Republicans, veterans and ex-members of the community. intelligence. Democrats and “Never Trump” Republicans found themselves united in a fiery agreement that Trump poses a threat to American democratic norms and institutions, including a vigorous free press, the constitutionally mandated separation of powers and a national security apparatus that operates above partisan politics. ”

Opposition to Trump unites “a broad coalition of left, right and center that reaffirm the rule of law; share news, legal theories and encouragement; [and] to draw attention to the scandalous misconduct of Trump or his cronies, ”said Norman Eisen, who was Obama’s special advisor on ethics and until recently chaired a government watchdog, the Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington. CREW has filed dozens of complaints and lawsuits against members of the administration, including Trump himself for violating the emoluments clause by accepting payments from foreign governments.

CREW Vice President Richard Painter was George W. Bush’s ethics czar and has been a vocal critic of the current administration. A longtime Republican, Painter is now running as a Democrat for a seat in the Minnesota Senate. In announcing his candidacy, Painter suggested the GOP had left Republicans like him behind.

“Republicans insist that if you are running for political office you have to be loyal to President Trump,” Painter told reporters. “This is wrong. This is not the America I want to live in. This is not the America I want my children to live in.

Earlier this month, a writer suggested in the To watch that Senator Chuck Schumer was the architect of the “Resist” movement. This statement is surprising because Schumer and Trump, fellow New Yorkers, have always been on good terms. As Elizabeth Kolbert wrote in the New Yorker on March 20, 2017, “comparing Schumer to his predecessor, Harry Reid, Trump tweeted,” I’ve always had a good relationship with Chuck Schumer. . . . and [he] has the ability to get things done. Good news!’ The president-elect phoned the senator several times just, it seemed, to chat. ”

And there’s more: “Sometimes he would call me – I wouldn’t know why,” Schumer told Kolbert. “He was just arguing.

The coronavirus has brought a new challenge to the nation and raised questions about the presidential leadership. For many Americans, the president seemed to deny the seriousness of the threat and the need for swift and vigorous action.

For two months, he largely dismissed warnings that the virus would reach America. He feared that if he noticed it, it would cause economic disruption, and he predicted the cases would drop from a handful to “zero” in a matter of days. This did not happen, and the subsequent damage to the economy was severe.

The need to speak frankly about Washington has never been more urgent. The survival of the nation, I believe, requires a stable, cohesive message and a single set of facts, not hunches. In Dr Anthony S. Fauci, the government has an expert and a truth teller to guide us through the coronavirus crisis.

In summary, here are four points:

1) Trump won the presidency through the Electoral College. One can only speculate as to why he was not a gracious winner and has to claim that he also won the popular vote.

2) The resistance movement is a normal part of American politics. The Resistance views President Trump as a danger to the Constitution, democratic order and institutions, national security, and leadership in the free world.

3) Schumer and President Trump were once friends. It remains to be seen if this continues.

4) The coronavirus has caused a pandemic. Trump’s failure to see the severity of the coronavirus months ago raises fundamental questions about his leadership.

Washington must come up with measures to deal with the physical, economic and mental health of the nation. Great financial and social damage has already taken place.

As for the coronavirus, Dr Fauci has the nation’s attention and has given unvarnished facts about the virus and what citizens need to do to contain it.

(Kent Hackmann lives in Andover.)

Kevin E. Boling

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