Saint-Bonaventure’s Master of Arts in Leadership program embodies what the world needs: compassion, wisdom and integrity

Servant leaders — leaders dedicated to prioritizing the well-being and growth of their employees — are urgently needed for the post-pandemic world.

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Servant leaders — leaders dedicated to prioritizing the well-being and growth of their employees — are urgently needed for the post-pandemic world. St. Bonaventure’s Master of Arts in Leadership prepares students to lead in any business environment. Students develop leadership, communication, teamwork, and strategic thinking skills, as well as the ability to build meaningful relationships, foster clarity and trust, and hold staff accountable.

At the start of the pandemic, global communications company Edelman conducted a survey finding that most people trusted their employer over the media and government when seeking information about COVID-19. Respondents also suggested that their workplaces were better prepared for the virus than the country as a whole.

Today’s leaders are under pressure to ensure that their staff members are well supported outside of core business duties. In the post-COVID-19 landscape, organizations will feel increased pressure to hire leaders who focus on building and maintaining employee trust.

Saint-Bonaventure believes in creating leaders who are not just strong managers, but true servant leaders who lead with humanity, compassion and integrity to influence positive change in society. Their online Master of Leadership program develops skills in effective communication, team building, innovation, change management, and strategic thinking. Many students at the university have held leadership positions in various industries around the world.

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“Our program is not just about learning skills. Of course, you will learn skills but it is about discerning how to lead humanely, deeply and well in the world. I put a lot of emphasis on empathy because we really have to be able to feel that we are leading human beings. This community of which you are a part in the Masters in Leadership program is a community rooted in the values ​​of the unique dignity of each individual. Knowledge is learning these concepts, skills and theories, but wisdom uses them to lead well. This is where a compassionate leader focused on personal and organizational core values ​​and the individual value of their employees can really make a difference by leading well and with compassion in difficult times. Says Master of Leadership program director Dr. Kimberly DeSimone.

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St. Bonaventure University is among the leading universities in New York State, offering a long list of online graduate degrees. The university’s online master’s in leadership has, over the years, produced many top leaders. Graduates are equipped to develop a global perspective that enables them to influence change, seize opportunities and solve problems at different levels and departments in organisations.


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