Siegfried Youth Leadership Program® continues to innovate; brings hybrid leadership development program to four Delaware schools

Change of scenery
“We know that students, as well as the rest of the world, are increasingly tired of virtual interactions,” said Amy devlin, vice-president at Siegfried. “After welcoming a fully virtual program last year, we knew we wanted to change it this time around for our tenth program. “

At 20 October 2021, Siegfried Amy devlin, Kevin keegan, and Brendah Walyemwa acted as live presenters at four Delaware high schools: Las Americas ASPIRA Academy, Paul M. Hodgson, Mount Pleasant, and Smyrna. They, along with representatives from CEEE and JA, facilitated four live 80-minute assemblies. These live assemblies also included a real-time, virtual and interactive guest speaker by Juan Bendaña.

“A lot of people have treated the past 18 months like a ‘waiting room’,” said Bendaña, renowned speaker, author, DJ and founder of the 100 day playbook. “They said, ‘I’m going to wait until things get better and I’m going to go ahead and continue pursuing these goals once the world gets back to normal,” Bendaña explained. “We’re all looking for excuses, but just because the world is closed doesn’t mean we need to be.”

This hybrid assembly featured energetic speakers who spoke about individual leadership topics and incorporated related activities and lessons that teachers can use to further engage students in and out of the classroom. And although SYLP’s delivery has changed, the mission has remained the same: to help young people develop individual leadership, enabling them to enrich their personal and professional lives, now and in the future.

Choose kindness and courage
“Talking to students is my passion,” said Bendaña. “Today we have plunged into a bigger future, individual leadership, ethics of character, mindsets, courage, relationships and more. Take this time for reflection and reflection out of their hectic adolescence to focusing on improving themselves is a real gift. “

Throughout the sessions, students were encouraged to take time to reflect and write down their ideas, including their accomplishments and how they want to be brave.

“My biggest takeaway from SYLP today is that a lot of people go through the same things like being shy and talking, but there is a lot you can do to feel more confident,” said a student from Las Americas ASPIRA Academy .

“An idea for today is: be kind to yourself,” said Kevin keegan, Senior Vice President and Regional Market Director at Siegfried. “One student said, ‘I’m my toughest critic.’ Juan’s opening speech touched on that. This is another sign of the intelligence, insight, and depth these students have before they even take the program. But it’s up to us to bring them out and continue to make them explore their individual leadership. and what’s going on in their hearts and minds. I love the passion and energy that children bring to SYLP, it always energizes me. “

It’s never too early to teach leadership
CEO and founder of Siegfried, Rob siegfried, lives the higher purpose of his business day after day: we help people transform into better leaders to improve their lives exponentially!

“SYLP was inspired by my daughter and her belief that I could share something with the younger generations,” said Siegfried. “I want to convey to this group the importance of personal leadership in finding something inspiring, a personal passion, and using it to lead a determined and fulfilling future.”

“With leadership, the earlier you start, the better you get there and the more time you have to achieve your goals,” said Brendah Walyemwa, Acting Director of Employee Engagement and Inclusion and Advancement employees at Siegfried. “Starting with students at this age gives them more time to figure out what they want to do in the future, how they’re going to get there, the character ethics they need to develop and gives them a better chance at achieve their goals. . “

Create leadership development opportunities for young people
Siegfried has spent over 30 years helping people transform into better leaders to dramatically improve their lives. In 2016, Rob broadened that scope and created SYLP to help students in Grades 8-12 develop the leadership qualities they need for a successful future.

Learn more
Watch a recap video of the event!

Events to come
SYLP’s impact grows stronger with each event and brings a determined pace to the leadership journey for young people. More information about our next program will be posted on

About Siegfried
Siegfried is an entrepreneurial leadership organization that provides financial executives with a powerful combination of leadership advice, talent delivery and financial advisory services. With this strategic set of services, financial executives and decision-makers can better clarify the best way forward and we can help them do their most important job well. For over 30 years, we’ve worked with our clients to deliver more than just success. We help people transform into better leaders to improve their lives exponentially.

About the Siegfried Youth Leadership Program®
This impactful program provides a stimulus for Grades 8 to 12 students to strengthen their individual leadership capacities at an event that features a series of inspiring lectures, group sessions and idea sharing. The Siegfried Leadership Program® is a collaborative effort between Siegfried, the University of Delaware‘s Center for Economic Education and Entrepreneurship, and Young companies from Delaware.

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