Siegfried Youth Leadership Program® expands to Chicago with hybrid leadership development program

Developing the base to spread the message
“The Siegfried Youth Leadership Program has always been about creating impact at the individual level to drive positive change in communities,” explained Abby Durelli, Marketing Associate at The Siegfried Group and coordinator of SYLP. “We are proud to expand our base to further spread this message at the Benito Juarez Community Academy in Chicago and to others Delaware schools. We look forward to meeting more students in the fall!”

For the Spring 2022 program, Siegfried’s lauren campbell, Meghan Cartmel, Amy Devlin, Bill Perry, Stephanie Scoleriand Brendah Walyemwa acted as live presenters at six Delaware high schools: Christiana High School, Howard High School of Technology, Paul M. Hodgson Vocational Technical High School, Middletown High School, MOT Charter High School and Smyrna High School. by Siegfried Kevin Keegan and Jenny Calabria was also a presenter at Benito Juarez in Chicago, IL. Speakers, along with representatives from CEEE and JA, hosted live 80-minute assemblies that also included a real-time, virtual and interactive keynote address from guest speaker Duncan Kirkwoodauthor and global resilience trainer.

“When figuring out what you want to do, when setting a goal, think of your life as a GPS,” Kirkwood shared. “When construction starts, if there’s an accident, the GPS doesn’t go down and doesn’t post to social media. Instead, it says ‘re-routing.’ “before, GPS will show you a path. I encourage young people to think about their lives like this, to set goals and keep reorienting themselves until they get there, and just focus on the next step. “

In addition to Kirkwood’s virtual presentation, live speakers from Siegfried presented individual leadership topics and shared activities and reflections to engage students in and out of the classroom. Hybrid programming remains true to SYLP’s mission to help young people develop their individual leadership, enabling them to enrich their personal and professional lives, now and in the future.

Accepting Gifts for a Fulfilling Future
“I’ve always been a talker and got into a lot of trouble as a kid because of it,” Kirkwood said. “I didn’t know it was my gift, but once I did, I knew I had to use my voice to help people find their purpose.”

Throughout the sessions, students were encouraged to take quiet time to reflect and write down their ideas, including their accomplishments and how they want to be brave.

“I’ve learned to embrace what makes me unique so I can enjoy my success,” said a student from Middletown High School. “It doesn’t have to happen tomorrow, I can just focus on myself to achieve my goals.”

“I was impressed by the students’ eagerness to participate, learn and engage in their individual leadership development,” said Steph Scoleri, manager at Siegfried. “They each had their own vision of what a leader should be and what ethical character traits they should exhibit. It was inspiring to watch them each embrace their individuality as they sought to become leaders. I left the day feeling very inspired by the students and the program as a whole!”

It’s never too early to teach leadership
CEO and Founder of Siegfried, Rob Siegfriedlives day after day the higher objective of his company: we help people to transform themselves into better leaders to improve their lives exponentially!

“SYLP was inspired by my daughter and her belief that I could share something with younger generations,” Siegfried said. “I want to impress upon this group the importance of personal leadership in finding something inspiring, a personal passion, and using that to lead a purposeful and fulfilling future.”

“We help our customers, our employees and our communities grow through individual leadership,” said Brendah Walyemwa, director of employee engagement and employee inclusion and advancement at Siegfried. “Through SLYP, we work with middle and high school students on individual leadership concepts to empower them to engage with what they want most out of life and take meaningful action to achieve their goals.”

Create leadership development opportunities for young people
Siegfried has spent over 30 years helping people transform into better leaders to improve their lives exponentially. In 2016, Rob expanded that reach and created SYLP to help students in grades 8-12 develop the leadership qualities they need to have a successful future.

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Events to come
SYLP’s impact builds with each event and brings a purposeful pace to the youth leadership journey. More information about our next program will be posted on

About Siegfried
Siegfried is an entrepreneurial leadership organization that offers financial executives a powerful combination of leadership consulting, talent provisioning and financial advisory services. With this strategic set of services, executives and financial decision makers can better clarify the best path forward, and we can help them do their most important jobs well. For over 30 years, we’ve worked with our customers to deliver more than just success. We help people transform into better leaders to improve their lives exponentially.

About the Siegfried Youth Leadership Program®
This impactful program inspires students in grades 8-12 to build their individual leadership skills in an event that includes a series of inspirational talks, group sessions, and idea sharing. Siegfried Leadership Program® is a collaborative effort between Siegfried, the University of Delaware‘s Center for Economic Education and Entrepreneurship, and Junior Achievement of Delaware.

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