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Information for applicants

Registration deadline: Friday, January 7, 2022

High school students from Thailand are invited to apply to participate in the Southeast Asian Youth Leadership Program (SEAYLP), which will take place in May 2022. The program will welcome 50 to 60 participants from ten Southeast Asian countries that are members of the ‘Association of Southeast Asian Nations. (ASEAN). There will be five students selected to represent Thailand.

The program will include workshops and interactive sessions, including site visits to community organizations. Through engagement with U.S. high schools, community organizations, youth groups and community leaders, participating student and adult mentors will explore the challenges facing the United States and ASEAN in the 21st century.

This is an intensive program with three segments:

  1. Orientation before departure to Bangkok;
  2. a three-week US-based exchange program that will provide students and their adult mentors with the opportunity to explore the principles of leadership and community activism in the US *; and
  3. follow-up activities linked to participants who carry out projects in their home community.

The program will be intensive, academic and highly interactive. Program sponsors are looking for energetic applicants who are ready to develop their skills to become effective leaders in their schools and communities.

The program brings together high school students from ten ASEAN member countries for a three-week exchange program focused on youth leadership and development and to explore common challenges facing the United States and member countries of the ‘ASEAN. These challenges are explored through the three pillars of the ASEAN community: political and security cooperation, economic skills building (through the development of exchange projects) and socio-cultural leadership (through practical activities, workshops, seminars and site visits to foster better communication). Participants will develop projects to meet the needs of their communities upon their return home.

* Note: The in-person portion of the program depends on the COVID-19 situation next year. All selected applicants must be fully immunized for the in-person program.

* * * * * * *

This program is designed to promote high quality leadership, civic responsibility and civic activism among the future leaders of our countries. It will offer a hands-on examination of the principles of democracy and civil society as practiced in the United States and provide participants with training to develop their leadership skills.

SEAYLP 2022 will emphasize the identity of ASEAN by organizing into multi-country teams to enhance the intercultural experience to the extent possible across cohorts across the country. Exchange activities in the United States will include workshops, interactive sessions, diplomatic simulations, leadership training and team building exercises. Extracurricular activities complement the program with volunteer service opportunities as well as site visits with relevant organizations in host communities. All participants will have host families with American families and parallel study visits to the performer’s location and to Washington, DC

An important part of the program is the development and implementation of projects by the students upon their return home. These projects will respond to a need in their schools or communities. Examples include supporting student government or other means of involving students in the decision-making process in schools, producing visual materials that share information on social issues, developing programs or programs. peer support or peer mediation workshops, cooperation with local NGOs trying to develop a spirit of volunteerism or support activities which help to increase media coverage of youth issues. All participants will be expected to carry out these follow-up projects.

What else do I need to know?

Covered expenses: If you are selected for the program, the United States government, in conjunction with its private partners, will pay for domestic transportation, international transportation to and from the United States, directions, fees, and administration of the program. , site visits and seminars, accommodation and most meals, some cultural activities, educational materials, accident and sickness coverage and a modest amount of pocket money. Participants will be accommodated with volunteer host families.

Personal expenses: Participants are responsible for expenses related to the application process (copying, mailing, photographs, etc.), passport fees, and money spent on souvenirs, phone calls and other personal items in the United States .

Visa: Participants will travel to the United States on J-1 exchange visitor visas provided under this program. By accepting this visa, participants will be subject to a two-year residency-at-home requirement, meaning they must return and live in their home country for a total of two years before being eligible for a visa. American immigrant or temporary worker. This does not restrict other types of visas, however, so it would not prevent you from being able to apply for a student visa to attend university, for example.

Who is eligible to apply?

Student applicants must

  • Be a Thai citizen currently residing and studying in Thailand (applicants with dual US citizenship will not be considered);
  • Be born from May 1, 2005 to May 1, 2007
  • Be a high school student and have graduated from high school in 2022 or later;
  • Have a good command of English;
  • Have permission from parents / guardians and schools to participate in the entire program.

What are the selection criteria ?

Students will be assessed on their ability to demonstrate the following characteristics:

  • Have strong academic and social skills, leadership potential, interest or commitment to civic action and community service;
  • Initiative, good communication and an energetic and positive attitude;
  • Possess the ability to work collaboratively in a team and to tolerate the opinions of others;

How can I apply?

Fill in a application form (download here) in the same way two letters of recommendation (one from an English teacher and the other from another teacher and / or school manager), and your most recent transcript, and submit your complete dossier to the Media and Culture section of the US Embassy in Bangkok by email: [email protected] with the subject line “SEAYLP 2022_Your full name”.

Alternatively, you can submit your application by mail to the following address:

Media and Culture Section (SEAYLP 2022)
U.S. Embassy Bangkok
95 Wireless Route, Lumpini
Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330

Your complete application must be received by Friday January 7, 2022. Submission by email or post will automatically record the date and time of submission of the application.. The U.S. Embassy will use this information to determine if an application was submitted on time. Late requests are neither reviewed nor taken into consideration. We do not accept requests submitted by hand.

Based on the above criteria, as demonstrated in the request, only shortlisted candidates will be contacted by the Media and Culture section for interviews. The interviews will take place on Wednesday, January 19, 2022 at the Media and Culture Section, U.S. Embassy, ​​Bangkok. Shortlisted candidates must be able to visit the interview site. If the COVID-19 pandemic, however, poses risks for an in-person interview at that time, we will conduct the interview through Zoom. We will notify applicants of the interview details prior to the interview date. The list of finalists and alternates will be announced in March 2022.

Questions should be sent to: [email protected] with the subject line “SEAYLP 2022”

And after that…?

Selected participants will receive orientation material in the weeks leading up to the start of the program to help them prepare for the program and their trip to the United States.

Pre-departure orientation and training sessions with students and the adult mentor will take place in the month prior to departure. Participants and their families will have the opportunity to discuss the project with the Media and Culture Section at this time.

After returning home and over the following months, participants will be responsible for carrying out their follow-up projects.

Thank you for your interest in the program and good luck with your applications!

Kevin E. Boling

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