Tata Steel Jamshedpur Launches Felt Leadership Program 2.0 for Safety Excellence


Jamshedpur, December 22: Tata Steel launched the Felt Leadership Program 2.0 on Tuesday, reiterating its commitment to safety excellence.

Developments take into account future security challenges and lessons from the past. The program is a new behavior-based safety model for employees.

Sanjiv Paul, Vice President of Safety, Health and Sustainability of Tata Steel and Chanakya Chaudhary, Vice President of Corporate Services Tata Steel officially launched the program on Tuesday, December 21, 2021. The Heads of Corporate Services (CS), from the West Bokaro & Jharia division, Noamundi, Ranchi and Jamshedpur offices participated in the launch session. The head of security and the head of corporate social responsibility also graced the occasion.

In his speech, VP SHS, Paul insisted on having a strong leadership role in terms of involvement and commitment to workplace safety. He said, now is the time to learn how we can prevent injuries that we have not been able to avoid so far. Based on these learnings, it is time to take initiative, create a deployment plan and achieve the desired results. He thanked the CS team for taking this pilot initiative.

CS Vice President Chaudhary said safety is a top initiative and leaders are essential to making respective workplaces injury free. He added that now is the time to focus on real-time risks in the workplace and ensure tight mitigation measures.

In his address, Chief CSR called on all leaders to prioritize the cause of safety in their professional and personal lives. By following the rules, SOPs and standards, we can achieve the desired results and management is there to support us.

The security chief described the whole “Felt Leadership Program 2.0” and explained the long-term project running until 2025. He informed that about 6,600 agents and 24,000 other employees will be covered by This program. The program has been designed according to the level and the training will be provided by competent trainers.


Kevin E. Boling