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Finally, it’s over.

Fortunately, it’s over.

Fortunately, it’s over.

Finally, Tim Tebow’s athletic career is over.

He was one of the first players cut by the Jacksonville Jaguars on Tuesday, ending his passionate quest to be a professional athlete.


I am happy.

Now he can focus his attention on something much more meaningful than trying to be on the worst team in the NFL or trying to hit a curve ball thrown by an anonymous minor league pitcher.

It’s time for Timothy Richard Tebow to save the world.

Or, at least, save this country.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again:

Tim Tebow, if he wants to continue it, could and should one day become President of the United States of America.

He’s that diplomat, that charismatic and that emblematic of what we need in a president.

Honest. Generous. Kindness.

This is another reason why I am happy that he has finished trying to play a professional sport, where it has become fashionable to hit Tebow and encourage him to fail. If you don’t believe me, just watch the vitriol on Tebow’s Twitter timeline after it was cut Tuesday and tweeted a heartfelt thank you message to the Jaguars and everyone who supported him.

Or go back and watch all the controversy and dismay it caused when Jaguars coach Urban Meyer signed Tebow – Meyer’s former quarterback, Heisman Trophy winner in Florida and one of the most great college football players of all time – and gave him a chance to make his hometown NFL team as a backup tight end.

ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith ridiculously claimed that Tebow’s signing by the Jags was an example of “white privilege.” And countless more have jumped on the Tebow-trash train. You would have thought the Jaguars signed a serial rapist instead of a serial humanitarian.

When Tebow missed a block in the Jaguars’ first preseason game this weekend, a video of the play went viral with millions of views and countless comments from those who revel in the smell of Tebow. .

When did we reach a point in American sport where it got cool to take root against Tebow – one of the most caring athletes we’ve ever known; an athlete helping to build hospitals and orphanages in developing countries; an athlete whose latest initiative is to fight against human trafficking in the world; an athlete who takes care of prisoners sentenced to death; an athlete who hosts annual ‘Night to Shine’ events at dozens of different venues around the world where thousands of teens with special needs are treated with a ball that includes a red carpet entrance with paparazzi, limousine rides, hair and makeup beauty stations, shoe shines, dinner and dancing?

I’ll be the first to admit that I thought the Jaguars signing a 34-year-old Tebow was a bad idea, but I’m sure I was somehow pushing him to prove me wrong. Shouldn’t someone with a common sense of decency have encouraged Tebow to succeed instead of a flop?

Yet another reason I have been saying and writing for years that Tebow will be – or, at least, should be – president someday. I believe this country craves a politician who can bring kindness and benevolence back into fashion and restore some of the traditional and common Christian values ​​that this country was meant to be built upon – love, respect, generosity, righteousness, help others.

“The point is to bring people together,” Tebow once told me when I asked him about a possible future in politics. “We are not supposed to divide people.

If only today’s poisonous polarizing politicians and polluting partisan pundits on cable news channels preached what Tebow preaches. I have had political experts past and present tell me that Tebow already has a solid political base with the Christian right and it could be argued that he is now the most beloved and famous Christian figure in this country. .

“I don’t think there is any question of him ever being president,” said Joel Hawskley, former director of the Republican Orange County Executive Committee and owner of a prominent political consultancy firm. “Politics today is not so much about party politics as it is about candidate politics. It’s a popularity contest. Tim Tebow already has the natural mark with his faith, but he’s not considered radical. Fundraising would be a snap and a big part of politics today is about how much money you can raise. “

Let’s face it, if a tough billionaire like Donald Trump can win the Republican nomination, then how about a compassionate Christian like Tim Tebow?

That’s why I’m glad it was cut by the Jaguars on Tuesday.

Tim Tebow shouldn’t be a punchline.

He is expected to be President of the United States in 2024.

Kevin E. Boling

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