Two cadets from Bensalem High School participate in the leadership program

BENSALEM, PA – Two students from Bensalem High School recently participated in a Spirit of America youth leadership program offered by the Freedoms Foundation in Valley Forge. The program lasted from Thursday November 4 to Sunday November 7.

Cadet James Radyn and Cadet Thomas Nicholas attended the four-day program to interact with experts on topics including democracy, citizenship, the political process and the free enterprise system. Both have attended conferences and workshops to help them develop their leadership skills.

“I believe the Freedoms Foundation Youth Leadership conference is very useful for sending cadets in the future, and I would recommend it to anyone looking for: a leadership role in the JROTC unit or in a larger community, a future career in politics, business or activism, ”said Radyn and Nicholas.

“The program gives a very good foundation in leadership skills, understanding other people’s perspectives, the American legislative process and the pros / cons of capitalism as well as how to use them in the terms of American capitalism to be successful. “

Freedom Foundation at Valley Forge is a nonprofit organization that educates students about American values ​​and skills they can use to lead their careers and lives. They have offered their services to over 20 million students.

“The counselors, counselors and speakers have also been very helpful, knowledgeable, inclusive and caring to the program as well as the student,” they said.

Kevin E. Boling