US President Joe Biden calls decisive decade in the fight against climate change


At the ongoing COP26 climate summit, US President Joe Biden said the actions taken this decade to contain climate change would be decisive in preventing future generations from suffering, stating that “none of us can escape the worst is yet to come if we fail to seize this moment. ”Addressing the United Nations climate conference, Biden said the United States was not only back at the table, but hopefully he led by the power of example. He treated the crisis already visible to the planet as “an incredible opportunity” to reinvent the world economy. He sought to present the enormous costs of limiting carbon emissions. as a chance to create jobs by switching to renewable energies and electric cars.

“We can create an environment that raises the standard of living in the world. And it’s a moral imperative, but it’s also an economic imperative – if we fuel greater growth, new jobs and better opportunities for all of our people, ”Biden said according to a press release.

In his speech, the US president also reiterated the US commitment to do its part to reduce carbon emissions. He said his country will cut greenhouse gas emissions by more than a gigatonne by 2030. Biden added that the United States will also provide cleaner air and water for children. , electrify school bus fleets, increase credits for electric vehicles and fight legacy pollution.

“The United States will be able to meet the ambitious target I set at the Leaders’ Climate Summit in April, reducing US emissions by 50 to 52% from 2005 levels by 2030, “Biden said.

Biden announces Build Back Better Framework

Additionally, at the Glasgow summit, Biden went on to inform that in the coming days, the United States will be announcing several new initiatives aimed at demonstrating its commitment to providing innovative solutions across multiple sectors. He said his administration is planning both a short-term sprint to 2030 that will keep 1.5 ° C close at hand and a “marathon” that will take the nation to the “finish line and transform the most. large economy of the world into a prosperous economy, an innovative, equitable and just net-zero clean energy engine – for a net-zero world ”.

Moreover, the United States is also trying to do its part to help the rest of the world take action as well, Biden informed. The US president even announced the Build Back Better framework – the biggest climate change effort in US history alongside his bipartisan infrastructure deal which Biden says can be passed by both houses of Congress. and promulgated. Biden told the rally he was trying to inspire other countries to take action to cut emissions and control global warming.

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