US President Joe Biden calls out deceased MP Jackie Walorksi in another shocking blunder

US President Joe Biden appeared to make another gaffe during a hunger speech in Washington on Wednesday.

The president called out several politicians during his speech, before asking after MP Jackie Walorski, who died in a car crash earlier this year.

“Jacky, are you there? Where is Jackie? I didn’t think she was – she wasn’t going to be here,” Mr Biden shouted.

The 79-year-old president released a statement in August mourning the Indiana Republican’s death.

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre played down the gaffe, saying President Biden was “naming champions in Congress” who had worked on the issue of hunger in America.

“She was the first concern of the president. He looks forward to discussing his remarkable legacy of public service with them when he sees his family next Friday,” she said.

Ms Jean-Pierre faced several more questions about the error, but insisted there was nothing ‘confusing’ about the Speaker mentioning the late MP’s name since she was simply “in the lead”.

“I know this is a question many of you have asked yourself. I’ve answered it many times in this room before. And my answer certainly won’t change,” she said.

“You all may have opinions on how I answer it, but I’m answering the question how he saw it and how we see it.”

Ms Walorski died in a car accident on August 3 and at the time President Biden released a statement saying he and his wife Jill were “shocked and saddened” by her passing.

“We may have represented different parties and disagreed on many issues, but she was respected by members of both parties for her work on the House Ways and Means Committee on which she served,” he said. declared.

“She also served as co-chair of the House Hunger Caucus, and my team and I have enjoyed her partnership as we plan a historic White House conference on hunger, nutrition and health this fall that will be marked by her deep care for the needs of rural America.

The White House flags were also lowered for two days.

President Biden will sign a bill to rename the Department of Veterans Affairs in Mishawaka, Indiana, to “Jackie Walorski VA Clinic.”

Kevin E. Boling