US President Joe Biden says he will not visit Ukraine on his European trip

Biden travels to Germany on Saturday for a Group of Seven summit.


US President Joe Biden said on Monday he is unlikely to visit Ukraine on a trip to Europe that begins this week.

Biden initially said “it depends” when asked if he planned to visit Ukraine.

But then he said ‘on this trip, unlikely’ as he spoke to reporters who pressed him about such a possibility as he strolled the beach over a long holiday weekend .

Biden is among a dwindling number of top Western leaders who have yet to travel to Ukraine to show their support against the Russian invasion.

Last week, French President Emmanuel Macron joined the German and Italian Prime Ministers to visit Ukraine, and Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been there twice.

Biden went as far as Poland, which borders Ukraine to the west, in late March.

Biden will travel to Germany on Saturday for a Group of Seven summit, then to Madrid for a meeting of NATO leaders.

He told reporters that a visit to Ukraine would depend on “a lot of things, whether or not it causes more difficulties for Ukrainians, whether it distracts attention from what is happening.”

Then he said that such a trip is unlikely on this European tour.

Biden said he was in close contact with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, speaking to him “almost four times a week.”

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Kevin E. Boling