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“I feel very passionate about developing leaders from populations that are underrepresented in STEM,” said Beebe, who received her PhD. of UTSA in computer science. “I have spent my entire career in engineering, cybersecurity and analysis as a woman in predominantly male fields. This leadership program will allow me to broaden my network and perspective by learning how people from other universities and from diverse backgrounds are leveraging their experiences for the benefit of their institutions.

Cardona is professor and chair of the new Department of Molecular Microbiology and Immunology at the College of Sciences. His work on the immune-nervous system axis has influenced the field of brain inflammation, particularly in the neurodegeneration associated with diabetes and multiple sclerosis. She is also a member of the South Texas Center for Emerging Infectious Diseases, which was established at UTSA to focus state and national resources in the areas of molecular microbiology, immunology, medical mycology, virology, microbial genomics, vaccine development and biodefense.

“The academy has been an inspiration to achieve personal excellence,” Cardona said. “Interactions with talented and humble colleagues nurture a mindset of productivity, friendliness and courage which translates into a new direction in my behavior, values ​​and priorities. I am grateful for this opportunity.

The IAspire Leadership Academy provides professional development for academic leaders from under-represented groups so that they can aspire and succeed in higher leadership positions, thereby expanding participation in academic leadership. Fellows acquire effective executive leadership skills for increasingly complex higher education environments, as well as strategies for influencing institutional transformation in their current and future leadership roles. The 27 participating professors and administrators from the 2021-2022 cohort were selected through a competitive and holistic review of their applications.

Kelly nash, Professor and Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs in the Department of Physics and Astronomy at UTSA, was a member of the IAspire First Cohort in 2019, and Cognitive Neuroscientist at UTSA Nicole wicha was a member of the second cohort in 2020.

“Through my experience as an IAspire Leadership Fellow, I was able to focus on developing my natural leadership skills in a supportive peer group,” said Nash. “The program has helped me see myself as a leader and develop an intentional plan for my future leadership journey. The skills I learned through this program were immediately applicable to my leadership role at UTSA and made me a more agile and resilient leader.


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