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The events that unfolded after the last presidential election raised questions about our understanding of democracy, political parties, and how history will view the United States.

What do we know now about January 6e and what do we still learn?

How did the 2020 election go from inside the countryside?

And how do we understand some of the key political figures of our time – Trump, Biden, Cruz, Graham and others?

Today we reflect on this pivotal moment in our nation’s history with Robert Costa de The Washington Post and his new book is Danger, which he co-wrote with Bob Woodward.

The book is also the first glimpse into Biden’s presidency as he faces the unprecedented challenges of a deadly pandemic, economic crisis, and bitter partisan divide.

Additionally, University of Houston historian Nancy Beck Young joins us to discuss how presidential legacies are shaped.

Robert costa

  • co-author of Danger and national political reporter for the Washington Post

Dr Nancy Beck Young

  • Professor Moore
  • Chairman of the Department of History at the University of Houston

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