Will Coach Lanning duplicate Georgia’s leadership program?

Kirk Herbstreit recently said that, “Georgia’s leadership is the reason the Bulldogs finished first,” and while I wrote about the building connections among players, this internal growth of leaders within a team can certainly determine their end results. Every coach at every level will reference the importance of leaders on the team, and we’ve seen Oregon teams in the past that had great leaders, and other teams that seemed rudderless, leaderless. that the players would follow.

What has Georgia done and will she coach Dan Lanning limit ? My research revealed that the Bulldogs had implemented certain strategies to stimulate the emergence of player-leaders, and I had to take a break from my game action on Bwin, to study their approach. Like other coaches, Head Georgia Football Coach Smart Kirby wants player-led teams because it’s more effective when team leaders care more about “to do things well,” than worrying about offending someone or whether they are liked or not.

Creating leaders like that is harder than it looks.

Coach Smart decided, “we’re going to take our leaders out of the place this summer and hang out together,” Smart said, “And try doing different things to change it.” They spent time on the beaches of the Gulf of Mexico with Trever Moawadcollege football mental consultant, as many of the top university programs have adopted his mental conditioning methods. It was an important moment where the leaders bonded and came together.

Craig Strobeck

There are a ton of experienced players on the offensive line.

“How we will play and how this team will play together is going to be decided this summer,” Smart said ahead of their leadership journey. “Ultimately it will come down to what they choose to do this summer and how they choose to take on leadership roles.” Makes me wonder what Coach Lanning has in store for many of Duck’s upper class after the spring game?

Herbstreit continued to rave about the Bulldog stud linebacker Nakobe Dean with, “…this guy (Nakobe Dean) was determined to bring Georgia to a national championship.pioneer. That was his goal and you could see it in the game – the leadership he provided. You could see it if you were ever away from TV and bypassed their team… It was a special bond and I’m not shocked. (Win a National Championship)

You know you’ve been successful in building team leaders when they show up at decisive moments in key matches. Georgia linebacker channing tindal had a monstrous sack from the Alabama quarterback Bryce Youngbut look what happened in the room before big bag…

Nakobe Dean got in front of Tindall, who then responded to the defensive leader by pinning the ‘Tide back. Each team can only to hope to create a unique player like Dean, but also to have players who will respond positively to such leadership. Another example is when the linebacker Nolen Smith Explain… “I do exactly what he (Dean) tells me.” Awesome players will do awesome things for awesome leaders.

what you do you think Coach Lanning has in store for this team regarding leadership? It might be a good idea to allow natural leaders, such as Noah Sewell to take over, but there are also veteran defensive linemen, older offensive linemen and a transferred senior quarterback. So many factors to consider and follow this spring and summer because….

“Oh, how we love to learn about Our beloved ducks!”

Charles Fischer (Mr. FishDuck)
Eugene, Oregon
Top Photo by Tom Corno

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