Wyoming Launches New Ranch Management and Agricultural Leadership Program | farm and ranch

The problems are complex and students need professional networks to work on complex issues, he said.

“Several people told us that was exactly what needed to happen,” Crane said. “Recent alumni say they wish this program was there when they went to school.”

The RMAL has three planned components. An undergraduate program will offer an integrated bachelor’s degree in ranch management and agricultural leadership focusing on agricultural business, range management, animal science, and leadership skills.

The second part is an RMAL institute for a select group of students. Up to 20 people can be chosen to attend.

“Those accepted into the RMAL Institute will receive more intensive training, higher expectations for internships and networking with professionals, and more opportunities for experiential learning,” Crane said.

RMAL Institute graduates can obtain a master’s degree in ranch management or a certificate in ranch management and agricultural leadership. Details of the RMAL program continue to develop.

“We just started the development phase of the on-campus program,” Crane said. “Many details regarding programs, degrees, program names, and timelines will reflect our future conversations with UW faculty and administrators.”

Kevin E. Boling