Yale Law School Tsai Leadership Program Announced


Yale Law School’s Joseph C. Tsai Leadership Program Provides Access to Experts, Expands Career Paths, and Modernizes Legal Studies Programs for the 21st Century

For nearly 200 years, an education at Yale Law School served as a versatile reflective degree, training students to lead in a remarkable range of industries. Today, the school is building on its rich history to empower the next generation of mission-driven leaders with the launch of the Joseph C. Tsai Leadership Program at Yale Law School.

“Yale Law School has always been steeped in a restless spirit and change is part of our institutional DNA. The Tsai Leadership Program allows us to preserve our basic educational model while building a curriculum for the next century, ”said Heather K. Gerken, Dean and Sol & Lillian Goldman Professor of Law at Yale Law School. “In the midst of a devastating pandemic, with vitally important issues like racial inequalities and climate change demanding urgent action, the Tsai Leadership Program aims to equip every student with the skills to tackle the world’s most challenging challenges. thorny. By illuminating the many career paths available to our students and connecting them to our amazing community of alumni, we will help ensure a level playing field for every member of our extraordinarily diverse student body, meeting all of our students wherever they are and getting them where they want to be.


The Tsai Leadership Program opens a new chapter for the institution by bringing together leading experts to prepare students for traditional legal practice and the many non-traditional paths followed by graduates of Yale Law School. The program also provides support for the creation of new courses, ensuring that Yale law students can count and read and write, aware of technological changes and deeply rooted in ethics. The courses cover accounting, corporate finance, statistics, ethics and emerging issues related to technological change, big data and globalization. Students hone their professional skills through intensive courses and specialized workshops. They also benefit from mentors in residence to advise them on the many opportunities available to graduates of Yale Law School. School and after-school programs combine to enhance the school’s core curriculum and career support resources, supporting the pursuit of student legal careers as well as non-traditional careers in the public and private sectors.

“The Tsai Leadership Program will help us build on our best traditions while reinventing them to train every student in their last job, not just their first. We hope it will support a new generation of change makers, equipping them to meet the challenges ahead while advancing the highest ideals of law school. “
—Dean Heather K. Gerken

The Tsai Leadership Program was created through a partnership between the Faculty of Law and a remarkable group of dedicated alumni who have chosen to invest in the next generation of talented leaders, empowering students to chart their own paths and d ” have a positive impact on society, no matter what career path they choose.

“We are deeply grateful to Joe and Clara Wu Tsai, Gene and Carol Ludwig, Michael and Alexa Chae, and all of our dedicated program founders, each of whom exemplifies what it means to be a leader today and have chosen to do a daring investment. in the leaders of tomorrow, ”said Gerken.

“In my experience, leadership is a learned skill that requires patience, humility and a healthy dose of self-awareness,” said Joseph C. Tsai ’90, program founder and philanthropist, vice-president. executive chairman and co-founder of the Alibaba group. . “This leadership program presents a framework for talented and mission-driven students to make their mark in the world, while providing a space for them to define their own leadership style. I am honored to give back to an institution that represents the confluence of experiences that have shaped who I am, and to empower others to find their path to meaningful careers.

The Tsai Leadership Program is strengthened by the creation of the Carol and Gene Ludwig in Public Sector Leadership Program and the Michael S. and Alexa B. Chae in Private Sector Leadership Initiative, which offer tailored programs and scholarship opportunities for students who wish to pursue non-traditional studies. careers and leadership roles in the public and private sectors.

The Ludwig program helps prepare students for careers in government, nonprofit organizations, and other institutions focused on serving the public. Advised by Cristina Rodríguez ’00, Professor of Law Leighton Homer Surbeck, and Jacob Hacker, Professor of Political Science Stanley B. Resor at Yale University, students gain the training they need to make empirical, practical and principled. The program is designed to guide students as they develop the judgment, analysis, and skills necessary to reward public service-oriented careers.

Program founder Gene Ludwig ’73, former Comptroller of the Currency and President of the Ludwig Institute for Shared Economic Prosperity (LISEP), said his own passion for service drove him to found this important new program. “Serving our country and its people, especially those in need, is one of the most rewarding and important professional experiences we can have, and we must give our most talented young people a clear path to do it successfully and with compassion, ”Ludwig said. “This one-of-a-kind law school program is designed to equip YLS graduates with the specialized political and technical skills to effectively serve in government or other places where they can make a powerful and positive difference for their fellow citizens.”

The Chae Initiative in Private Sector Leadership provides targeted educational and professional development to Yale Law School students seeking leadership roles in business, finance, investment, management consulting and entrepreneurship. . School Director and Law Professor John Morley ’06 is overseeing the initiative, which aims to develop high-caliber thinkers capable of tackling complex business challenges with an interdisciplinary skill set.

“A law degree from Yale is a versatile reflection and problem-solving degree and represents a crucial foundation for many corporate leadership roles,” said founder Michael S. Chae ’97, senior managing director and director financier of Blackstone, the global investment firm. . “The Chae Initiative provides students with a solid and practical foundation in business and financial skills and prepares them to engage in effective and ethical decision-making in a global business environment.”

The launch of the Tsai Leadership Program advances a vision of leadership fueled by ideas and innovation, grounded in service, and imbued with principles and goals.

“The Tsai Leadership Program will help us build on our best traditions while reinventing them to train every student in their last job, not just their first.” Gerken said. “We hope it will support a new generation of change makers, equipping them to meet the challenges ahead while furthering the highest ideals of law school.”

For more information on the Tsai Leadership Program at Yale Law School, visit law.yale.edu/leadership.

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