Yemen debates Presidential Leadership Council

Yemen will never return to its pre-war status quo, and the supposed good intentions of the Houthi militias cannot be invoked, former Yemeni deputy foreign minister Mustapha Noman told Asharq Al-Awsat.

Noman said the Houthis possess elements of power that allow them to impose their conditions.

The government failed to create a model accepted by the people, and the Presidential Leadership Council was unable to give hope to the people after 120 days in office due to the lack of improvement in services and security, Noman said, adding that the situation must be dealt with quickly.

Noman is not the only official to criticize the Council, a group of independent Yemenis who do not perform any government work.

He told Asharq Al-Awsat that Yemenis should realize that the international and regional communities are preoccupied with other issues.

The current truce can be used to start serious discussions on consultations or negotiations, Noman said, warning that the human tragedy produced by the protracted war will increase and the country will become further divided.

A Yemeni source made similar remarks, saying that Yemen must first secure the areas where the government and the council operate.

He said security should be a priority on the path to building a safe model for all Yemenis.

The formation of the joint security and military committee has been at the forefront of achievement, the source said, adding that presenting its vision of integrating the armed and security forces under a unified national administration could take a few months.

The source said the only guarantee to move forward in building the model is to ensure law enforcement, including anti-corruption officials, reform leaders, business people and investors. .

However, the source preferred to point out that the changes made by the Governing Council to the government and the judiciary are linked to the overall trends aimed at improving government administration, broadening the basis of partnership in decision-making and the implementation work and rationalize it with all the local actors. , regional and international forces and partners.

Improving the cabinet’s management, sharing expertise with the Saudi-led coalition and protecting the consensus among forces against Iranian regime-backed militias are outstanding achievements, the source said.

Kevin E. Boling