Yemeni President of Presidential Leadership Council praises relations with Egypt

CAIRO – August 31, 2022: Yemeni Chairman of the Presidential Leadership Council, Rashad al-Alimi, hailed the distinguished relations between Sana’a and Cairo, and his “appreciation for Egypt’s key role in supporting the Yemeni people and their legitimate leadership”.

During a meeting with non-resident Egyptian Ambassador to Yemen Ahmed Farouk, the two officials discussed the latest developments in the Yemeni situation and efforts to bring peace to the country.

The meeting also highlighted international efforts to implement the terms of the ongoing armistice and the pressure needed to push the Houthis to fulfill their obligations under the UN Declaration and the Stockholm Agreement.

Earlier this month, Egypt welcomed the UN’s announcement to extend the truce between warring parties in Yemen for another two months until October 2, the Egyptian Foreign Ministry said. in a press release.

Egypt hopes that the extension of the truce will help achieve a comprehensive settlement of the Yemeni crisis and support initiatives for a political solution that preserves Yemen’s unity and independence, the statement added.

“The extension includes a commitment by the government and the Houthi rebels to intensify negotiations to reach a comprehensive agreement as soon as possible,” the UN said Aug. 2.

Kevin E. Boling